1. Andy006

    Battery Information. MG ZS EV TROPHY 2022

    MGZsEv 2022 The key difference for you and me is that LFP batteries can be charged to 100% each day, whereas lithium-ion batteries are recommended to be set to between 80% and 90% to avoid faster degradation of your battery. Tesla has now updated it's recommendations that it's LFP can be safely...
  2. highsider

    Anyone had the red battery warning indicator show?

    I was trying to charge the car at a public charger last week, and it wouldn't connect to start charging. I noticed the driver display was showing a red battery indicator. Looking at the manual, it said it was a Low-voltage Battery Charging System Malfunction Warning Lamp. I locked the car...
  3. F

    Interesting video on battery technology, voltage, SoC, SoC estimation etc...

  4. G

    How much does a new 12v battery cost?

    I want another battery in standby, but do I have to order it original? Unlike old cars, there are no avaliable third party batteries when I check other stores. And if no third party avaliable, how much will a new, original cost?
  5. D

    Battery power reduced by a third carrying 4 mountain bikes

    Hi all, I’m new to the forum and the proud owner of a 3 year old MG ZS EV exclusive (2020 model 44.5 KWh), which I’m very happy with overall, despite a few niggles. I’ve owned the vehicle for 3 months and it's my first EV. I’ve had a couple of holiday trips to North Wales and it performed well...
  6. D

    12v dead battery and wife locked in the car! - Welcome home!!

    After a 7day holiday, return to Gatwick Long Stay South car park to pick up our MG4. Eventually find car which isn't responding to the fob to show me where she is. Doors - don't open! Call to the AA - 2hrs atleast! I can't open the drivers door with the emergency key so go and guard our luggage...
  7. M

    HV Battery error and car not engaging gear

    Is anyone else getting this error? Sometimes when I turn the vehicle on the car appears to go through the start up process but when I go to put the car in to reverse the gear selector on the dash changed to N and nothing happens on the gear knob (it stays in park). If I go to turn the vehicle...
  8. gonzocomet

    what's the lowest % battery you've gone to on a trip ?

    went down to 7% on trip last night, at 8% the GOM gave up and just said -- has anyone got down to last few % points and kept going ? just interested if the % left is accurate and hence ok to go down to 1 or 2% ?
  9. T

    battery dead anyone else?

    Thursday unnplugged from the trickle charger at work and drove 30 miles everything ok. All of a sudden all the systems started shutting down and the red battery light appeard on the dash. pulled over and the screens switched off as well as the car and car couldnt be started. got a tow back to...
  10. Drop Bear

    EV Battery Recycling

    Thought I'd share this as it looks really interesting. What Really happens to used Electric Car Batteries? - (you might be surprised) No excuses anymore!
  11. B

    How to feed wires through from cab to 12v battery for 12 amp supply for ham radio?without boring holes?

    Hi I wish to get a 12 amp feed direct from the 12 volt battery into the cab to run a ham radio transceiver. How do I get through the engine compartment without boring holes as its a leased car. Any thoughts. Brian MM0GLX
  12. B

    12v battery charging

    Has anybody found a solution for a portable 12v charger? I’m looking for something to keep in the boot should a 12v battery failure occur while away from home. Standard chargers all require 240v supply and im not sure if any portable boosters can be used to trickle charge.
  13. N

    Low voltage battery discharging

    Car is a ZS Trophy LR, just under a year old. We have started seeing messages that the "Low voltage battery needs charging, do not leave car more than 3 days unused." Or words to that effect. Yesterday evening we parked up with the battery registering 13.8V. Later in the evening it was down to...
  14. G

    Do I have to unplug the 12v battery to charge it?

    Or can I leave the cables connected?
  15. G

    "12v battery charging low. Don't stayed parked more than 3 days"

    Getting this message on my screen. Also the app has stopped communicating with my car. Ideas?
  16. robbymax


    The Warranty given by mg, what exactly does that cover if the car goes up in flames because the battery has got a fault do they replace the car, the insurance companies have gone very expensive because of claims through battery fires I can't see that, that is applicable when the manufacturers...
  17. K

    MG ZS EV essence 2023 - lower kms than promised 320kms

    Hi - I bought new MG essence EV and in 2 weeks I observed that it is only showing 270kms on 100% charged battery while I was promised 320. Has anyone else faced same issue?
  18. S

    12v 'Intelligent charging' does it happen?

    With all the issues caused by low 12v battery, is anybody questioning MG about the intelligent battery charging on the MG ZS EV (face-lift)?
  19. F

    "fast" charging at 1.4kw?? (Zappi V2)

    Hi all Slightly weird behaviour from my car this morning. We got back from a fortnight in France yesterday eve (almost entirely successful and lots of free vending! But that's another story) showing 10% SOC. It had been fast charged only on the continent, approx 5 or 6 times over the last...
  20. C

    Upgrade 12v battery

    The 12v battery seems to be the Achilles heal in many EVs as they are smaller than those typically found in ICE vehicles. Is it possible/economical to replace the 12v battery with a higher capacity offering? Has anyone here done this. Thanks in advance.
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