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The MG Cyberster is an all electric roadster concept car produced by SAIC Motor under the MG marque, introduced in 2021.

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  1. M

    Zappi Octopus Intelligent Go

    Apologies in advance if this is already explained elsewhere... i just can't find it. Ive recently had the Zappi installed by Octopus and have signed up for Intelligent Go. Ive done the usual and made sure all the schedules etc are turned off on the Zappi app. Unfortunately when i plug in my...
  2. K

    Boot space

    Hi does anyone have any idea of the dimensions of the boot on the Cyberster? I was wondering if I can cut a small golf bag in it Thanks
  3. J

    Fully Charged drives the MG Cyberster

    Looks amazing. Way more sporty than I expected. £30,000 in China. Likely to be £50k+ for UK. 77kWh battery or 64kWh battery. 0 - 60mph in 4.6 seconds for the single motor version.
  4. V

    Bi-directional charging

    Has anyone any information as to whether the Cyberster will support V2H/G? I've not come across anything.
  5. P

    MG Cyberster options in China

    Options list available in China, translated from MG in China. Obviously UK may/will be different. https://www.saicmg.com/pc/vehicles/concept/cyberster/js/MG_Cyberster%E9%85%8D%E7%BD%AE%E8%A1%A8.pdf Highlights: body colours red, silver, yellow interior burgundy ONLY (showstopper for me) auto...
  6. G

    After Sales Support/Issues

    Having read the other sub sections on the site. I have some concerns. What do you think it will be like? Do you think they support will be better due to the cost or type of car. Will it be a more personalised service. I did spot a troublesome boot and non responding doors on the prototype. There...
  7. Paulie68

    Cyberster pre order, anyone done it yet?

    Just wondering if anyone else has pre-ordered one yet? On the basis of you only live once and all that, I've just placed a pre order with Luscombe in Leeds. :)
  8. Miles Roberts CG

    Cyberster at Chorley Group MG

    Hi all, So last night we had our preview event for the MG Cyberster, as part of its UK tour before the Turner Twins drive it around Europe, Middle East, India and on to Shanghai. It was great to see the Cyberster in the metal, and see for ourselves the fantastic design, build quality, and get...
  9. L

    Cyberster at Cambridge services

    Spotted today during a lunch pit stop to charge up my MG4
  10. I

    Something new… coming soon?

    So I was walking past the showroom in London today and noticed something new under cover, obviously the cyberster is in front but there was an unusual something behind. And sure enough it was uncovered when I headed home.
  11. Stuart Wright

    Does anyone have any video of the Cyberster in the UK that you can share, please?

    I'd like to get some video of the Cyberster in the UK. Does anyone have any video? From Goodwood, for example? If so, could you upload it somewhere like YouTube, Dropbox or Google Drive so I can download it please? I'd like to show it in our next podcast. Thanks
  12. G

    Features (Sounds, Simulated Gear shifts, Drift Mode, Rear wheel Steering, Modes)

    What do you guys think will be available on the final production car? Borrowing some features from other performance EVs like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N
  13. Harry 17

    Anyone out there…swapping / selling their MG …..

    ……. for the purposes of buying the MGC? Hoping it will be called the MGC and not the Cyberster here, on UK shores. Pretty much torn here. I love my MG4, but have had a chat with OC Domestics and she who will be obeyed, has told me that we need a grandkid car, and if I am to get rid of my car...
  14. T

    MG Cyberster steering wheel details

    Here comes a few pictures of the actual steering wheel. 😉
  15. P

    UK Debut

    Car makes its UK Debut at MG HQ Cheers, Paul
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