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The MG HS is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by Chinese manufacturer SAIC Motor under the British MG marque. The vehicle was launched in 2018, replacing the MG GS. In China, it is the largest MG crossover SUV above the ZS.

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  1. Gem2support

    MH HS PHEV - Charging Pin Issue!

    My 2 year old PHEV wont allow charge cable to connect what i believe is a pin issue. Basically you cannot insert cable all the way in to the car charging point on car is it seems like one of the pins (maybe a locking pin) is stopping it from inserting all the way. Can someone point me in the...
  2. F

    Charge port lock stuck

    The charge socket on the car appears to have a locking pin at the 12 o'clock position that deploys to prevent the plug being removed. Mine appears to have become confused and is deployed without the plug inserted so I cannot properly insert the charge plug. Is there a way to reset this or...
  3. J

    Washer saga

    So a few weeks into owning the car the rear washer stopped working As suggested it was the pipes fixed by dealer horray But today the whole system has failed no water out of any jets or very little first thing Ok thought water bottle might nearly empty so checked in work, nearly full Pulled the...
  4. B

    How to bind to MG smart app

    I’ve recently purchased a 2022 HS PHEV exclusive. Does anyone know how to bind to the MG smart app. It asks to align with a QR code which I’m assuming is a bar code. I don’t have anything with a bar code in the cars instruction books. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. Manu99


    I read I must equalise my PHEV battery, but nowhere does it say how. The only instruction is "on trickle charge" The MGS HS phev only accepts a trickle charge, up to 3.6amps. How, in layman's terms, do I equalise my phev's battery?
  6. J

    Spare parts

    Hello After reading all kinds of test reports and videos, I decided to buy an MG EHS in 2022. Everything went as planned and we are very satisfied with the car. In October 2023 I had an accident with the MG. The damage was valued at 10,000 euros and the car was taken to an insurance damage...
  7. S

    HS interior - cleaning products

    Hi everyone, Hope this finds you well. Just wondered if anyone can recommend cleaning products and cloths for the HS. Would like to avoid the kind of smears/smudges in the photos (attached). This happened after using non-scented wipes on the aluminium effect parts and the lether sills. Thanks
  8. F


    About 2 weeks ago I went to start my car and loads of warnings appeared stating that certain systems were not available and to start the car as the battery was low. The car would not allow me to start it. I called MG dealer who said call MG assist, who came out and used something to start the...
  9. midician

    Boot spare light socket or something else ?

    Does anyone know what this might be ? I initially thought it was a spot for a boot light in left hand drive vehicles . When I opened it up , there was a loop of cable or wire like a pull toggle . Could be see if there was a wiring socket behind it….
  10. TrevH

    Reversing camera intermittent

    MG PHEV TROPHY, Has anyone experienced the intermittent failure of the reversing camera and 360 camera? Sometimes at low speed parking they both don't work? Tried the on and off routine but nothing. Next time in car it works. Very annoying especially when reversing in the dark. Does this mean...
  11. Manu99

    Charging Phev battery

    I have had a my MG HS +EV(phew) for five weeks now. I drive it mainly on battery. Is there a maximum that I should be charging the battery to? Is there a minimum I should let the battery go down to before I charge? Is it ok if I charge several times a day? Thanks John
  12. S

    Pre-facelift HS - common problems

    Hi everyone, I have ordered a 23 plate HS PHEV, but not taken delivery. When reading other threads here I came across problems such as reversing on hill starts, radar issues etc. Please can anyone advise on common problems, particularly safety related, and if they were fixed in the facelift...
  13. Delboy102000

    Mg phev full charge mileage shown

    My car is now eight months old and has only covered 4000 miles to date. It has been charged on my home 7kw Podpoint and I have never used the granny charger. It used to show 32 miles at 100% full charge but is now showing 31 miles when it stops charging and 100%. Has anyone else experienced this...
  14. S

    PHEV buyers remorse - and I've not yet got it! Please advise.

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I came across this forum when researching whether to buy an HS and find it to be a massive help. My background is I'm renting a facelift HS 2024 petrol manual which has convinced me. The car is extremely comfortable and I even managed to get 47.1 MPG on...
  15. TrevH

    Wiring diagram for 2023 PHEV

    Hi anyone have any idea how I can get a wiring diagram for the electrics on my PHEV 2023?
  16. J


    Hello, I would like you to help me if you know, how I can start the car with only the petrol engine, it is to do a gas test as they do in the MOT. Thank you.
  17. T

    TPMS Problem

    While I was driving there was a warning about missing TPMS, just like that. Turned on and started the car many times but still error. Some good ideas
  18. T

    A quick question

    Mg Ehs So today clear water dripped from the pot at the back of the car, is it condensation or from the cooling system. It is not coloured or odorous.
  19. TrevH

    No technical help!

    Have contacted head office and after sending technical enquiry by email as they suggested they come back with a technical web site to answer questions, however they want you to pay £27 for a question or £3000!! A year for technical help ! Can you believe this company ? What is the guarantee...
  20. Scifly

    Charging in rain with granny charger. Any problems?

    Is it ok to charge in the rain? Does rain gettting in around the car plug end or onto the charging unit cause any problems? I am using IP66 external wall socket with built in RCD so no problems there. Mostly concerned with rainwater splashing in and around the car plug end. MG HS PHEV Trophy 2...
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