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  1. busa

    GPS Tracking

    Hi there, I have read a few posts about “keyless entry” and other security concerns. Has anyone fitted a GPS tracking system? I fitted a GPS tracking system to my Motorcycle a Hayabusa, the tracking system looked just like an electrical relay and was hidden out of sight. The system used a...
  2. Electrickery

    Temperature buttons green or white

    Complete numpty question. When the temperature control buttons are green on the infotainment does that mean on or off? so for example if the auto button is white and the air con button is green - does that mean auto is off but air on is on? I ask this because when on off left button is white...
  3. Z

    Turning on the Radio - but Stopp the Engine

    Good morning from Germany :) I've my EHS since yesterday, and I noticed a few "strange" things, about I was reading here, too. But did you also have the problem, when you just want to sit in the car, don't want to start the engine but wanna listen to the radio - it is not possible. After 30...
  4. R

    Hi, another new owner to be.

    Haven't actually got the car I ordered on 2 July yet. Rumour has it that it might arrive about the end of this month. I have heard that a guy who ordered an MG HS PHEV a couple of weeks ago has been told March 2022 for his. MG must be losing sales.
  5. LA551E

    Long Trip - First thoughts

    Hi all, I'd thought I'd post on my experiences with my first long trip. I have an EHS PHEV (luxury). We travelled 600Km to Poland from Germany and I can report that the fuel consumption is quite high. In Hybrid mode with the setting set at high for charging the battery I used 9,1l/100km...
  6. I

    Car drops out of EV mode

    I have had HS PHEV 3 months and I am very pleased with it. However I have a minor issue that while driving in EV mode with full or nearly full charge the car drops back to auto mode and I don't know why. Anyone got any ideas why this happens as MG garage offer no advice
  7. M

    OEM SatNav : Traffic

    I cannot find the option to enable Live Traffic in the OEM SatNav, is it not available in the HS? I know I can use Android Auto but wanted a backup option.
  8. ajw1100

    Full Post Code Entry?

    Looking at a YT review it states you cannot enter a full post code, only part and then you then you need to enter the street/road name, is this correct? How much can you enter?
  9. Cheepry

    MG iSmart App

    Hi everyone, Did any of you managed to connect the app to the car,? On youtube, I’ve seen that EHS is also compatible, but it asks for the QR code on the car’s frame (which I am not able to find). If any has a way of pairing the app, please let us know. And also, is there a way to preheat the...
  10. M

    Ecran centrale

    Bonjour Je suis propriétaire d'un MG EHS mon écran central s'éteint de temps en temps, avez vous déjà eu ce problème Merci et bonne journee
  11. H

    Rear Passenger over-door lights - how do I switch off ?

    Can't find a switch to turn off the rear over-door lights which are a distracting pain when driving on dark nights down country lanes. Where do I find it ?
  12. madmartyr71

    Door bin liners??

    Not sure if these are available anywhere but I'm looking for door bin liners for the HS PHEV??
  13. H

    Any way to set the radio to default to 'off' on start-up ?

    Anybody know where to find a button or switch to set the radio to 'off' on start up of the car ? My wife keeps on jumping out of her skin whenever I turn the car on and the radio BLASTS out before I hit the mute button on the steering wheel. Is there any way to set the radio to 'off' on...
  14. J

    High power draw from cold in EV mode

    I'm seeing a lot higher power draw, kwh/100km at the first trip after many hours of stand still, the first few km's it's consequently above 30kwh, then slowly declining to more normal figures. If i leave it for like 30 mins and go again, it's around 22kwh. I guess its a matter of a cold gearbox...
  15. busa

    E10 Fuel

    Hi all, not sure if this has been posted before, but I'm after some real world experience on this. In France we still have E5 95 and 98 unleaded petrol, plus E10 is becoming more widely available, Whilst E10 is around 5 cents cheaper a litre at 1.51 compared to 1.56 euro, what's the real world...
  16. madmartyr71

    Changed my Skoda Kodiaq for HS PHEV

    Well I took the plunge yesterday and changed my 2020 Skoda Kodiaq Sportsline DSG for the MG PHEV. To be fair the dealer made me a ridiculous part ex offer and I couldn't turn it down. So far I'm really impressed with the HS and I work within a 20 mile round trip radious...So should save a lot...
  17. S

    Very high Bip Sound from reverse allert.

    Does anyone know how to adjust bip Sound level? And where is biper located?
  18. madmartyr71

    Anyone recommend installer for Tethered Charger (7kW) ??

    I'm collecting my new HS PHEV tomorrow and looking at getting a Tethered Charger (7kW) installed in my garage. Anyone recommendations or anyone used Pod Point?
  19. madmartyr71

    Any rust issues on the MG HS PHEV??

    I'm supposed to be part exchanging my Skoda Kodiaq on Thursday for a MG HS PHEV and have concerns after reading posts about rust on the underside of MG ZS cars less than 12 months old. Any HS owners experienced rust on underside of their HS?
  20. J

    Speed Assist System (SAS)

    Hello On the HS PHEV you have on the instrument panel the round speed information, when it displays the national speed limit its on until you get to 60 MPH if I go over it then starts to flash. The over speed is set at 75 MPH, I have also looked a the manual speed setting but still flashing, try...
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