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  1. B

    Think I missed a trick.....

    So yesterday I took possession of my HS Excite PHEV. The car is running well, looking nice etc but just a couple of little things are grating on me, and it's my own fault for not checking on these before. For some years I've been driving Ford Focus's and got very used to the fact that you had...
  2. E

    Factory re-set?

    Have took the car back to the dealership regarding problems with warning message. The message "Maintain vehicle Immediately". Turned out they had not reset the service interval, strange as it was a brand new car. Second was with the hash up DAB radio arial, they admitted that there is a chip...
  3. ajw1100

    AAW/Google Maps & GPS

    Seems Google maps>AAWireless>MG Infotainment is having problems but I am not sure where. Start up car, sometimes Google Maps show in AA with my location and follows me on my route. Other times I get a wide map covering all of Europe and I think Greenland. E v e n t u a l l y it shows my rough...
  4. Hage52

    Underseat subwoofer?

    Has anyone installed a under-seat subwoofer yet, and do you have pictures how to connect it? and which under-seat subwoofer do you have?
  5. B

    New car day approaching

    So this coming Thursday I take delivery of my HS Excite PHEV. A mixture of excite and apprehension if I'm honest. Got to be excited about a new vehicle, but I've read an awful lot on here about little glitches, (and I must be honest if I'd known all these 6 months ago, I probably would have...
  6. G

    Risk of rusting in exhaust system?

    A question for you folk in U.K., and Europe - as you have had plug-in hybrids longer than us Antipoedians, have you seen any problems with rusting exhaust systems due to the short runs of the petrol engine before going into ev mode? We were always told that not heating the system up through...
  7. AussieHS

    Will DAB be available in Australian HS PHEV?

    I think this is a very Australian specific question, but does anybody know if there are any plans to provide DAB in future HS PHEV software/hardware updates? I have tried using AA as a replacement option, but it is a fairly cumbersome alternative.
  8. G

    MG eHS Clock issue

    Hello, Recently i discovered an issue with my clock. if i set it on GPS ou DAB, i have an hour delayed. i can't access the options to modify the winter/summer time (set to auto but it's greyed) nether the time zone. I have to set my clock manually to have the correct hour. Any ideas ?
  9. Frosties

    HS PHEV Test Drive Advice

    Hi all, As per title really, after looking and looking at the HSEV PHEV and being annoyed by the low slung rear view mirror, I finally found the solution on here and the available adjustment now makes this car viable. If there's any head's up advice on what to look for when driving one of...
  10. S

    MG HS Hybrid Wheel Nuts

    Are the wheel nuts on my MG HS Hybrid standard or reverse threads ?
  11. T

    Missing type 2 cable?

    Hi all, I just took delivery of my MG HS PHEV yesterday. All ok so far. However, it has not been supplied with a type 2 to type 2 charging cable, only a type 2 to 3-pin. I’ve called today and someone is supposed to be calling back, but I was just checking there should have been a cable and it...
  12. ajw1100

    What size and thread for lockable HS wheel nuts, and where from, Amazon or Ebay ?

    Title sort of says it all, but rather not use ebay......
  13. A

    Walkaway lights

    Hi everyone. I have noticed that even though the settings in my car have the walkaway lights as on, as soon as I lock the car with the remote or by pressing the button on the car, the lights go off. I thought they are expected to stay for a some time, as normal walkaway lights as supposed to do...
  14. J

    New to MG HS plug in hybrid PHEV …. And struggling

    Took delivery of a new MG HS plug in PHEV last month and really struggling with the EV mode. I have owned Mitsubishi Outlanders PHEV’s for the last 7 years whereby the switch on EV and it stays on EV until the charge has run out all you really hit the revs! My new MG keeps dropping out of EV...
  15. G

    Windscreen camera misting

    I've had my HS PHEV for almost 2 years now without any problems until yesterday. The auto headlight dip stopped working and I noticed that the camera was no longer reading speed limit signs. I can see that the windscreen is misting up in front of the camera. Some other manufacturers have a mod...
  16. T15KPH

    MG HS PHEV Infotainment

    The infotainment screen on our HS PHEV exclusive (reg March22) HAD a habit of going blank on long journies, sometimes re-booting, sometimes not until I powered the car down and did a full restart. It was in the dealership for another problem (charger not locking) a couple of months back and they...
  17. A


    Are they glass or plastic?
  18. E

    360 animation.

    Hello everyone, Here I have a question, I have a HS 2022 luxury. On the official communication of MG Europe, see below, we can see that the 360 parking system has a dynamic animation of obstacles (green, yellow, red), as well as wheel guidance. But on my vehicle I don't have any of that... just...
  19. B

    Newbie questions

    Following on from yesterday's post, I have a few more "newbie" questions please. 1. In the thread about dropping out of EV and back into ICE, there are mentions of "requirements for EV mode". As I don't yet have my car, or a manual, what are these requirements please? 2. The vast majority of my...
  20. B

    New to MG

    I've just found and joined this forum as I have an MG HS Excite PHEV on order. The dealer rang on Friday and advised they had been informed the car will be with them this month. I have the home charge point (Hypervolt 2.0) already installed an waiting. I read a lot of good comments about the...
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