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A tariff is a tax imposed by the government of a country or by a supranational union on imports or exports of goods. Besides being a source of revenue for the government, import duties can also be a form of regulation of foreign trade and policy that taxes foreign products to encourage or safeguard domestic industry. Protective tariffs are among the most widely used instruments of protectionism, along with import quotas and export quotas and other non-tariff barriers to trade.
Tariffs can be fixed (a constant sum per unit of imported goods or a percentage of the price) or variable (the amount varies according to the price). Taxing imports means people are less likely to buy them as they become more expensive. The intention is that they buy local products instead, boosting their country's economy. Tariffs therefore provide an incentive to develop production and replace imports with domestic products. Tariffs are meant to reduce pressure from foreign competition and reduce the trade deficit. They have historically been justified as a means to protect infant industries and to allow import substitution industrialisation. Tariffs may also be used to rectify artificially low prices for certain imported goods, due to 'dumping', export subsidies or currency manipulation.
There is near unanimous consensus among economists that tariffs have a negative effect on economic growth and economic welfare, while free trade and the reduction of trade barriers has a positive effect on economic growth. Although trade liberalisation can sometimes result in large and unequally distributed losses and gains, and can, in the short run, cause significant economic dislocation of workers in import-competing sectors, free trade has advantages of lowering costs of goods and services for both producers and consumers.

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  1. Laurence1982

    BG/Hive/EO Charger/FreeCharge troubles

    Hi all, Currently on BG fixed one v32, but looking at switching to the electric driver v5 tariff (looks like it'll be much cheaper to charge overnight). The other option is the Price Promise but by my calculations it'll be more expensive overall. Hive/Freecharge so far is a joke - 50/50 as to...
  2. billybonfire3

    Will octopus go reduce price

    With April's cap rate going down and British gas electric driver v5 and their gas being slightly cheaper (albeit fixed for a year) in all places than octopus go, will they reduce their prices or should I move to BG.
  3. LilithBearsMG4

    Zappi compatible?

    Does OVO charge anytime tariff work with Zappis? Side question... What's the best energy company / tariff to get with a zappi?
  4. S

    Bad News - Good News

    Bad News first, Free charging in South Ayrshire with Charge Place Scotland (which is funded by the council) is coming to an end on 31st March 2024. The good news is that the charges from April 1st are quite reasonable at 31p/kWh for AC (up to 22kWh) and 37p for the DC 50kW chargers. These...
  5. C

    Balance charging

    Hi never use commercial dc chargers Always charge at home 7kw max podpoiint Do I need to do balance charges?
  6. K

    Reduced range in winter (merged)

    [ Moderator edit: Half a dozen posts have been merged into this one thread. Please use this thread if you feel that you really have something to add to this subject, after having read this thread. I suspect it's been fully covered many times over by now. ] MG ZS Ev estimated mileage on full...
  7. J

    A little help and advice please

    Hi all I'll list my current usage scenario before asking for advice. I currently use circa 15kwh daily household usage, 24kwh 5 times a week usage for my commute. Fixed rate tariff ends in September. Looking at moving in 3 years and only have a small area on my west facing roof available for...
  8. Gomev

    VAT reduced to 0% on solar batteries from February 1st 2024

    As VAT on standalone and retrofit batteries is reduced to 0% from Feb 1st, it makes installing them a slightly more viable option. My roof is unsuitable for solar panels so standalone is my only real option. Was wondering what a reasonable price for install alone would be for a Givenergy all in...
  9. C

    Anyone on Octopus Energy Tariff?

    I'm looking to switch to Octopus Energy GO tariff but currently, it says my EV, of course the MG4, and my Smart Charger, Easee, are not compatible, Has anyone had success with perhaps switching from a compatible car to a non-compatible car? Would there be any issues? It seems like you have...
  10. Mennox

    ScottishPower EV Tariff using granny charging only?

    Hi, My XPower is being delivered next week and was just wondering if you need to have a home charger installed to move to an EV tariff or can you still move to this tariff with granny charging only? When I click on 'Get a Quote' on their EV Saver tariff, it gets me to log in again (via email)...
  11. Jomarkh

    Axle Flex or Octopus Saving Session

    Tomorrow Axle want to discharge my house battery between 5-6pm but the Octopus Saving Session is between 5.30-6.30pm. What is the best way to manage this if Axle charge up the house battery after it's event but during the last half hour of the Octopus event?
  12. AdamMGEV

    Octopus Intelligent at 7.5p and Export Fixed at 15p

    So I now have Octopus Intelligent so between 11:30pm - 05:30am its 7.5p. I also have solar and a home battery. Is it now worth me charging my house battery to 100% overnight and exporting the battery and excess solar during the day? Will it affect the life of the battery more than I will get...
  13. B

    OVO Charge Anytime tariff reduction

    I have just received an email from OVO advising that from tomorrow (1st November), the price per kWh on their Charge Anytime was being reduced from 10p to 7p. Unlike most other EV tariffs, the standard price per kWh for daytime use is not adjusted, and only power that goes through the wall box...
  14. G

    British Gas EV tariff

    Ooooooh the saga and wondering if anybody knows. Had a landis gyr and trilliant smets1 for an eternity on prepay - time to swap to an ev tariff. To make it simple thought as it hasn’t gone to the DCC a wise move to investigate the BG EV tariff as I have their meter. In my area day rate the same...
  15. D

    Octopus Exporting & Government FIT income

    Hi If I go for one of the octopus schemes where they pay me for exporting i.e. Octopus Intelligent, will this effect and income I get for the government. Had my panels since 2011 so get the full pay outs. Regards, Dave
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