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Sep 2, 2023
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Hi, looking to get a ZS-EV. Due to my location, it will get scratched - a lot.

Therefore considering whether black or silver would be better? For example, does the black have a white undercoat?

The silver is very bright but on the plus side hides the weird chrome strips on the front bumper I suppose.
Definitely silver. I have a black gen1 ZS and scratches are highly visible :(
I find that silver still looks clean, when the car is dirty somehow 🤣.
Black demands a lot of time to keep in its best condition.
It will show every imperfection in the paint, like scratching and dents.
One to keep away from if your are paranoid about the condition of your bodywork, I would say.
black always shows swirl marks/scratches badly.
Against that, metalic silver is more difficult to get a match for if you need any bodywork doing.

Not sure what the triple coat red is like for colour match. but the blue and white are probably the easiest to maintain.
I love the silver, but One scratch and it really spoils it. We have white, get a paint chip, and touch it up, can't even see it.
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