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MG ZS EV subcompact crossover electric SUV
  1. M

    Brake Calipers Torx size 2020 MG ES EV

    Hi All Would anyone be kind enough to know what size Torx is required for removal of the brake Calipers to replace the discs/pads.
  2. Andy006

    Battery Information. MG ZS EV TROPHY 2022

    MGZsEv 2022 The key difference for you and me is that LFP batteries can be charged to 100% each day, whereas lithium-ion batteries are recommended to be set to between 80% and 90% to avoid faster degradation of your battery. Tesla has now updated it's recommendations that it's LFP can be safely...
  3. Zoomy

    Breathing Lamp u/s

    Is it known for the charging breathing lamp to fail and if so, how? Loose wire or does the LED just let go? Is it covered under the 7 year warranty (I know after 4 years not much is covered and 7 is the batttery!)
  4. Enquirer 62

    R22 Software Update

    Had my 2022 ZS EV long Range Trophy Connect in for its first year service on Tuesday 26th at Richmond Portsmouth. I requested to update software to clear problem of the "Arrange Service Soon" message coming up every 600-700 miles. Low and behold 2 days later that message has come up again...
  5. M

    Missing Ismart functionality

    Hi all a couple of weeks ago I final got a discharge adapter for my MG4 Trophy and so can now connect my car to my home to help later in the year when my solar does not get so much sun. I park my car under the carport at the top of my garden and have to go upto the car every time I want to use...
  6. C

    Public chargers lack lighting and shelter

    I wrote to my MP re the lack of lighting and shelter at some public charge points. It was quite a challenge in the pouring rain one early evening last December. The black cables are a real trip hazard. His reply from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero describes the new standard, PAS...
  7. TheApeVine

    What kind of fresh hell is this....

    Went to plug the car in in the dark and the charger didn't feel right, so I shone my torch on it to see this...... I am never charging in the dark again!
  8. TheApeVine

    Charging speeds and software updates.

    We've had our new LR for a few weeks and we're assured by the dealer it has had all the updates available. Today I was out on a long drive, I plugged into a 22kw charger, but only managed to pull 6.9kw at most for the duration. Then went to a Tesla Supercharger and got no joy, Tesla said it...
  9. Narrowgauge725

    Shame the key isn't colour coded!

    Picked it up this morning and enjoyed drive home, I think I should have bought a red car to match the key;)
  10. M

    Sat nav frozen

    I have a 2022 MG ZS EV Long range. A couple of days ago I noticed that the inbuilt sat nav freezes within a few seconds of input of a new destination. I shows the first navigation instruction on the screen. But then it stops and the car icon just remains stationary. Interestingly, each time I...
  11. megamac

    iPhone 15 Pro Max not connecting/charging

    Hi all, Got my new iPhone and finally tried to connect to the MG. The phone has now ditched the lightning port in favour of USB-C. Plugging it the USB-C port under the infotainment system does nothing. No charge, no Airplay. I will try with another cable and also one of those USB3.0 to USB-C...
  12. 1

    Android Auto issues

    I have been having a couple of issues while on Android Auto on my ZS Trophy facelift. Sometimes I connect the USB to the phone and although the Google Map works, I lose the facility to get the DAB radio working. Today I had to restart the infotainment on the MG by holding the Home button for a...
  13. TheApeVine

    Amazon sale on Type 2 cables

    Amazon have got a sale on Type 2 cables, not sure how long it will last but they have all lengths and kW ratings AKESON Type 2 Charging Cable for Electric Cars - 22kW, 5M, Three-Phase, 32A, IP55 Waterproof, IEC-62196-2 - Compatible with All Common Charging Stations and EVs...
  14. D

    Battery power reduced by a third carrying 4 mountain bikes

    Hi all, I’m new to the forum and the proud owner of a 3 year old MG ZS EV exclusive (2020 model 44.5 KWh), which I’m very happy with overall, despite a few niggles. I’ve owned the vehicle for 3 months and it's my first EV. I’ve had a couple of holiday trips to North Wales and it performed well...
  15. gonzocomet

    what's the lowest % battery you've gone to on a trip ?

    went down to 7% on trip last night, at 8% the GOM gave up and just said -- has anyone got down to last few % points and kept going ? just interested if the % left is accurate and hence ok to go down to 1 or 2% ?
  16. B

    Charging my Gen 1 2020 Mg ZS it normally charges up to somewhere between 185 and 198 miles

    Charging my Gen 1 2020 Mg ZS it normally charges up to somewhere between 185 and 198 miles, i though they where only supposed to charge to about 165 miles, is anyone else charging their car up to 190 plus.
  17. D

    New car appears to be 2 years old!

    I've picked up my ZS EV LR today, brand new with 73 reg. When I connected to the app, it claims the year of manufacture is 2021! Could this be wrong?
  18. D

    Traffic Jam mode

    Hi everyone. I've picked up my ZS EV LR today, and was stuck in traffic coming home. If the car in front paused for a few seconds, the car moved on automatically as I'd expect. However, if the pause was more than about 10 seconds, a warning came up asking me to nudge the accelerator to move on...
  19. N

    MG ZS EV - Home pod point charging issue

    Hello I am looking for some advise , I recently purchased the MG EV but i cant charger it at my home pod point charger it keeps saying connected but not charging its green but you can hear the pod point click off. My partner has a different EV and it charges with no issues. Many Thanks
  20. Narrowgauge725


    Just ordered my MG ZS long range Trophy looking forward to joining the EV world
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