mg zs ev

MG ZS EV subcompact crossover electric SUV
The MG ZS EV is a subcompact crossover electric SUV produced by the Chinese manufacturer SAIC Motor under the MG marque.
An all electric version made its debut as EZS at the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show, featuring a 44.5 kWh battery, and a front positioned motor producing 143 PS (141 hp; 105 kW) or 150 PS (148 hp; 110 kW) and 350 N⋅m (35.7 kg⋅m; 258 lb⋅ft) to the front wheels. It is available in the United Kingdom, parts of Europe, Thailand, China, and India.

It was revealed in Australia in November 2020 as the cheapest electric car in the market of all time. MG Australia predicted a sales target of 3,000 unit for the 2021 model year.

Except for China, the electric SUV is officially named as ZS EV, while the official name in China is EZS.
  1. Narrowgauge725

    Spare wheel acquired

    Being a good Yorkshireman I had no intention of paying MG prices for a spare wheel. Managed to pick up a Mercedes space saver spare same size and bolt pattern for £40. The centre hole is bigger so I will turn a suitable spacer. An old jack and wheelbrace and job sorted.
  2. AdamMGEV

    Discharger failed to connect V2L

    Hello, so my official V2L cable I bought with my MG4 fails to work on a new model ZS. It just says discharger failed to connect. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. fatboyfat1981

    45k mile service timescale?

    Per title- Moby is due his 3rd service in June & have booked him in as a “while you wait”. Does anyone have any experience on how long it takes- not sure if sitting in the dealer is a good use of my time, but dont want to get a call an hour after I’ve dropped him off & I’m miles away.
  4. N

    ZS EV 2024 facelift?

    Have just seen this review of a supposed 2024 'facelifted' ZS EV available for the Malaysian market. It appears new because of the changes to the look of the infotainment screen and is the sunroof also now back again? Just about to buy the no sunroof Trophy version, so should I cancel in the...
  5. G

    Not so bad after all!!!

    Just a bit of humility on my part, very rare occasion so listen up lol. I have genuinely slagged my MG ZS EV off to high heaven. Basically, as I was continuously let down regarding vehicle control fault and HV battery failure. Long story short, after the car being in and out of the dealership...
  6. mrg9999

    Tesla Hub charging - previously had problems, today worked perfectly

    MG ZS EV Trophy Connect 2022 purchased 2023. Tesla Hub charging After varying success using Tesla chargers I tried again today and it worked faultlessly from 40% to 75%
  7. S

    App problem

    Hello. I have had a problem with the app where I get this message when I try to turn on the heat in the car and many other things (Illegal AppSendDate). This happened after my husband downloaded the app because he was going to check something, the app is mainly on my phone and it is my number...
  8. smoked

    Scheduled battery heating option on the app

    Does this work? i set it up yesterday to charge an hour before i went to work - i charge the car there so i thought a warm battery would take more charge from the last time i drove the car to when i was going to work it only dropped 1% when normally it would take a few more percentage off the...
  9. T

    iSmart App

    Getting varying results using the iSmart app with my ZS EV Trophy Long Range. Last week I left the car charging and could monitor its progress wherever I went, today parked in the same car park and its not refreshing. Does the use of the app only work in proximity to the car and/or does it...
  10. gonzoB

    OBD2 implementation on a ZS

    Hi All. Here's my latest project: Enjoy! Gonzo
  11. Gomev

    For Sale Free - Rear window shades for ZS

    I previously had a Mk1 ZS EV and have some shades that fit to the rear side windows. Never used as couldn't work out how to fit them properly. :unsure: Probably suitable for all ZSs. Free to anyone wanting them for collection in Leeds or can meet a reasonable distance/drive away. .
  12. S

    My turn! Vehicle Control System Fault

    Hi everyone and greetings from Sweden! To start with I have a MG ZS EV 2020. So that everyone is on board. I've read about others that have the Vehicle Control System Fault. I came home last week, thought I'd top up using my (I think you call it) "granny charger". I can only charge at 6 amps...
  13. N

    OVMS for ZS (2019-2021)

    Hi all, I was wondering if the guys manage to get the OVMS preheating function to work in the 2019-2021 ZS model? I know there was a password needed issue, but I can’t find any newer status regarding this. Br., Niclas
  14. T

    Which at home charger?

    I am currently on Octopus Agile and looking at moving to Intelligent go in the winter but wondered which charger works the best with the ZS EV Long range & the intelligent tarrif? I don't have any charger yet so open to any suggestions
  15. A

    Repair taking over 5 months

    My ZS EV has been with Arnold Clarke Stirling since early November 23... It has an issue but they are unable to diagnose it. Has anyone else experienced such a long repair and any tips on how to chivvy them along?
  16. A

    Soh after 20k miles

    For anybody who worries about battery degradation I don't think there is any need.🙂 Mostly home charged with the occasional rapid when needed.
  17. amorton1660

    dash cam convict

    HI Folks I I've just had fitted an Roadangel.Halo pro dash cam to my 2022 MG ZS ev Both front and rear so far so good …. I am well pleased..However, it has this thing called parking mode where the cam stays on and monitors the perimeter of your car when your not in it. I'm sure you all know what...
  18. Mgzs ev

    300 km standard range ! With roofbox

    Verry happy with the mg standard range ☀️🏕️ 300 km ac on full luggage and a roofbox 👍👍 Speed 120 km highway
  19. Keith Harris

    I bloody love Octopus

    My last 3 charging sessions with intelligent Octopus, what do we think guys
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