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zs ev

The MG ZS is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by the Chinese automotive manufacturer SAIC Motor under the British MG marque. Announced at the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show in China, the MG ZS is the second SUV to be produced under the MG marque after the MG GS. It is positioned below the larger GS or HS, and above the smaller MG 3 hatchback. It is currently the brand's best selling model in international markets.The vehicle notably revives the name previously used for the MG ZS small family car which was produced by MG Rover between 2001 and 2005. Previously, MG planned to use the name MG XS for the vehicle in the United Kingdom to avoid confusion with the previous MG ZS, but this change of name was reverted shortly after its launch in the country. It was also introduced as the MG Astor in India in September 2021.

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  1. Alun26

    Tumble dryer?

    Can anyone confirm that I can run a tumble dryer that is rated at 2.3kW from my ZS EV V2L function, as I get conflicting info from a Google search? Thanks
  2. M

    CarPlay issues

    ZS EV won't drive with CarPlay running. The selector doesn't light up. Anybody else experience this?
  3. Stuart Wright

    MG EVs Podcast Monday 12 June 2023 @ 7:30pm BST

    MG EVs Community podcast featuring chat about the ZS EV, MG4, MG5, PHEV and Cyberster. In this podcast, we’re discussing MG EVs and the latest in the world of electric car ownership and taking your questions live. Join us at 7:30pm. If you find the MG EVs forum and this podcast useful, then...
  4. B

    Does anyone know how much an hour it costs to charge a ZS ev with the home charger

    Does anyone know how much an hour it costs to charge a ZS ev with the home charger, I know the KW hour charge from my supplier but how do you work out how much an hour it has cost. Berty
  5. C

    Space saver wheel

    Hi does anyone know if the MG5 ev wheel will fit the ZS ev ie studs
  6. Miles Roberts CG

    Looking for an MG EV for quick delivery?

    We've got over 30 used, pre-registered and ex-demonstrator MG EVs available from our Chorley and Burnley branches. Click here for the current stock...
  7. D

    For Sale MG ZS EV Trophy Long Range Connect

    The above car is in a metallic silver colour and belongs to my wife, we are considering selling this car. If anyone is interested in this top of the range ZS with a sun roof please contact me. We are moving house and will only need one car in future as we shall be in the centre of a small...
  8. Malcolm at Gold Coast

    Why don't we see MG hub caps on the side of the road

    I suspect that the hub caps on the ZS EV are tamper proof because I could not get mine off easily. The car had warned me that my tyre pressure was low, 2.4 bah , so I had dropped into the servo and approached my hub cap and found that I couldn't get the tyre inflator end onto my nozzles, so...
  9. X

    MG ZS EV Mk1 usable battery capacity

    Hi there. I drove my Mk1 (2021, charge flap lifts out and up) MG ZS EV down to 4% remaining battery (as reported by the charger when I plugged in). I recharged it to 93%, but the charger only pumped out 35kWh The maths say 44.5kWh x 93% x 4% = 1.65kWh left in battery (93% SoH) 35kWh x 95% =...
  10. N


    Hi. Has anyone used a hoist in the zs ev trophy connect.. Apparently the carers for my wife have been told not to lift the manual wheelchair to put in and out of the boot.it weighs 15kg, unfortunately I am unable to do this myself due to my disability. Never had this problem before but we...
  11. S

    ZS EV window regulator failure

    Just wanted to find out if anyone else has had a simular issue, purchased my ZS EV Trophy standard range in December 2022 currently has 1619 miles only. Last weekend had a failure in rear window regulator. Dropped window down and was unable to lift back. Turns out from recovery company the...
  12. S

    MG ZS EV 2020 - Is there a timed charging feature?

    So, We moved into our new build 4 years ago, and until now, never needed our charging port. When we went to use it, we realised it wasn't working and after some fighting, our housing company finally decided to replace it for free. The box they've put in seems to be the same as before, an old...
  13. Z

    Cannot find the colour code of my ZS EV

    Hey there! I recently had a small rock chip my ZS EV (😭) on the bonnet/hood of the car, and now I'm trying buy a touch-up pen online, but the colour codes are.. Very confusing to me. I have a red 2020 ZS EV, but online I'm seeing all kinds of different codes and colour names, and I'm afraid to...
  14. T

    2022 ZS EV Long Range Speedometer and Regen screens blanked out!

    Hi guys, something very strange happened today. I turned on my 2022 ZS EV Long Range and both Speedometer and Regen screens were blank. Everything else seemed ok. I drove to my destination using the middle screen, which fortunately worked, to judge my speed. Parked the car at my destination for...
  15. M

    Software Version on ZS EV 2022 Standard Range

    Can anyone with a SR facelift ZS EV let me know what their software version in the car is please? Quite recently I have been having issues like blind spot detection not turning off and remaining on during the entire journey, no dead reckoning setting on SR and hence maps play up most of the...
  16. T

    2020 ZS EV not charging on schedule

    Hello, as the cost of overnight electricity is now much cheaper I am keen to charge on a schedule. However, I've tried a couple of times and it does not charge at the specific time. My charger app says it's waiting for the car. If I unlock the car and relock it the charge kicks in and works...
  17. S

    MG ZS EV breathing badge issue

    My breathing badge has stopped pulsing now when I charge, any advice on how to fix this problem ie bulb change or fuse change or new breathing badge required cheers
  18. L

    MG ZS EV facelift engineering menu

    Hello everyone, does anyone know how to enter the engineering menu of the new MG ZS facelift model?
  19. K

    2021 Mk1 ZS EV average SOH

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and looking at buying a used MK1 ZS EV. I've looked at a 2021 model with 29000 kms and a battery SOH of 95.8% Is this what you'd expect from a 2 yr old car with that mileage? Just trying to get a good gauge on the average SOH for a 2 yr old MK1. This could be a useful...
  20. Gstathers

    MG ZS ev mk1 2020 battery pack voltage

    Good afternoon all, new to the forum. Apologies if this has been covered but can't find it. I recently bought a MG ZS ev 2020. One thing I have noticed is the voltage reading on the main battery pack is around 431v. I have been reading this should be around the 450v mark. I will carry out a...
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