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MG ZS EV subcompact crossover electric SUV
  1. G

    Does the ZS EV drive train have a differential

    Does the ZS EV drivetrain have a differential?
  2. Headgas1

    Granny Charger !!!!!!

    Granny charger Hi do I use it or not ? Lots of posts suggest it’s dangerous plugs melting cables overheating etc… Mine doesn’t reach the socket can I use an extension lead again lots say no and yes. Does anyone out there use it regularly after all it comes with the car !! I can’t see the...
  3. L

    Battery charging beyond 80 percent

    Most experts and publications recommended not charging the EV battery beyond 80%. They also advise keeping it between 30 to 80 percent as far as possible. Now since we know from OBD2 scans that the ZS has a built in buffer of around 7 to 8% and probably has a similar buffer on the low side, do...
  4. J

    Radio On/Off

    What am I not seeing? I can’t find a way to turn the radio off. Muting clearly shuts off all other sound, not just the radio.
  5. philipm

    Passenger side mirror doesn’t fold on lock (brand new car)

    Not sure if it’s an incorrect setting somewhere or an error? https://ibb.co/q95khqt
  6. ChrisT

    Engine oil change on my ZS EV

    I took my 1 year old ZS EV for its first service yesterday. The service reception guy explained after the service that there were no issues and amongst other things the engine oil had been changed. I thanked him and asked how the electric motor will perform with a couple of litres of oil on...
  7. C

    Ciarans post

    Hello all ,hope everything's fine and everyone is safe n sound
  8. dundee1961


    He says aa we are currently in EDF Easy online January 2023 and excellent Rates.. I'm better to stay on this and get a Smart Economy 7 Meter.. Needing some advice.. Thank you Catherine
  9. P

    Octopus energy

    thinking of changing to Octopus, is the 4 hours 5p cheap rate, automatically set up when the account becomes active
  10. Headgas1

    Rear windscreen wiper cover cap

    Good afternoon when I opened the boot today the cap on the end of the wiper fell off I pushed it back but it looks like it won’t take much for it to fall off and it looks like a piece is missing as I can seen in where the wiper is bolted on. Has this happened to anyone else ? Is it an easy fix ...
  11. G

    Swansea to Bristol Airport

    We are travelling to Bristol Airport from Swansea on Friday. I'm yet to use a public serving point. We will be returning from holidays in the early hours, therefore would need to charge somewhere between Newport and Bristol Airport. Could someone recommend the most reliable place to charge ...
  12. A

    Rapid charging problem

    Hi All, Had my 2019 ZS EV for 18 months now and always charge at home with no issue. Decided to drop my son into London (From Bristol) so for first time needed to use a public charger. Stopped at one of the new Gridserve DC chargers and found would not communicate with car. Thought it may be...
  13. StevieJ


    Here is a little article someone posted on facebook today (19.092021) I thought I'd repost here. I have cut and pasted it so you don't have to put up with the click bate but link below too MG smashes sales records amid booming demand for its electric vehicles
  14. Headgas1

    Rapid chargers.

    Hi everyone not sure if this is obvious but some of the ccs chargers are delivering 150 to 350 kw So what is the maximum I should use if any ???
  15. F

    So good bought another one

    Well went for a test drive in the MG5 LR just for the extra range, as my wife does a few of round trips of 160 miles a year, and although the ZS is fine in summer she has been sweating in the winter, although she has always had plenty miles left. Main concern with the MG5 was comfort and getting...
  16. Dotnetter

    Can't order the Exclusive but Facelift incoming

    Went for another test drive of the ZS. Second drive was a much better experience (Excite rather than the Exclusive)... Not sure if that would have made that much difference or if I just didn't adjust seating position correctly in the Exclusive. Decided to proceed with an order but after trying...
  17. T

    For Sale CHARGING CABLE 32 amp

    Hi I have a 32 amp electric charging cable for sale, 7 metre cable. Price £70. Postage is £9.99 for 2 nd class signed for or collect from Blackpool Lancashire.
  18. R

    Brakes failed

    Anyone had their brakes fail? I’ve had it twice where when pushing the brake pedal it cancels the KERS but doesn’t engage the brakes. 2nd time was on our downward sloped driveway and ended up smashing into the house. MG customer service not taking this seriously. I was wondering if anyone else...
  19. Z

    MG Warranty conditions stringent or not

    I have a MG ZS EV that's due a service, partly my fault had warning but by the time the dealer can do it it will end up being a few days outside of the 28 day window specified in the warranty conditions, not on mileage. Anyone know how ruthlessly MG are enforcing this condition? For an EV I...
  20. P

    EV max charging rate

    What is the maximum rapid charging rate for the ZS EV. My dealer informed me that there is no limit.
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