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MG ZS EV subcompact crossover electric SUV
  1. billybonfire3

    Balancing battery knowing when completed

    I've left my car charging on a 7kw charger a number of times well past the 100 percent battery charge but even after more than an hour there is still a trickle at 1.93kw. wouldn't this stop when battery balanced or would there always be a trickle?
  2. G

    Worth ordering ZS Trophy LR

    I currently own a 2019 ZR EV, due to the crazy prices of used cars I have enough equity to cover the PCP deposit of a new ZR Trophy LR paying the same per month as I do now. Is the new ZR worth the wait or shall i stay put?
  3. G

    MG ZS EV Excite Roof bars / rack

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so apologies if this question has been asked before. I have just purchased a (mk1) MG ZS EV Excite model.... Has any one discovered a set of roof bars / roof rack that fits onto the Excite model? Yes I know, I should have got the exclusive, but is there a way to get...
  4. S

    Touch Up Paint

    I have an MGZS EV in Dynamic Red (2020) I have a couple of scratched that need touching up, I've tried ordering a touch up pen / paint, but keep getting the same reply from Mg dealers advising that MG have stopped suppling certain touch up pens / paint, unfortunately Dynamic Red is on the not...
  5. J

    Mg ZS ev

    Ordered mg ZS ev on 13th December and still not clear on when it will arrive on uk. Would it be sensible to cancel order and wait for ZS ev replacement
  6. L

    Things are not always what they seem! (EV etiquette)

    So first of all - I finally have my ZS EV Trophy Connect Long Range (#TeamBlack) - picked up last Friday - and I'm quite delighted, coming from a 2017 Leaf 30kWh Tekna. There are some software quirks and I'll do a separate post on my experiences after a few more long-ish trips this week. Before...
  7. R

    I•Smart QR Code issues

    Hey everyone…. I mentioned this in the middle of a different thread a week or so ago but didn’t get anywhere. I noticed some people had issues logging on to the i-smart app (or at least registering for it) but that is not my problem. I’m on and registered no issues at all, however when I try...
  8. M

    MG ZS EV Trophy in hot weather

    Is it possible to leave the Windows slightly open and lock the car to keep it cool whilst parked in hot weather? I tried this with my ZS Trophy and got a beep to say it wasn't shut.
  9. Maciej

    Recommend tyre pressure for ZS SR Trophy?

    Currently my tires are around 2.8 bar on the MG app. I am just wondering if pumping it up a bit is good idea or not does it affect m/kwh? What's the max I can have it?
  10. R

    Signing off

    Hi all. After reading this forum and the fiasco that is the MG dealer network, I have today cancelled my order for a black LR connect via salary sacrifice Zenith. I had no confidence in receiving my car until well into 2023 and tbh that broken steering rack was the final straw! I have decided to...
  11. Thebiglad

    Has anyone yet managed to do a "Total closure" modification ?

    Hi guys, what I mean - if everyone thought I'd gone barmy - is the facility whereby you press and hold the 'lock' button on the remote and all the windows simultaneously close. Equally for getting hot air out of the cabin on warm days, press and hold the 'unlock' button and all the windows and...
  12. Mack1410

    Rubber mats for MG ZS EV

    Has anyone managed to find a decent set of rubber mats for MG ZS EV?
  13. G

    Too much rapid charging?

    Two months ago we took ownership of a brand new first generation 44 kw ZS EV. There will be no gen 2 models here until the end of the year at the earliest. So we grabbed this gen 1 on run out for the equivalent of £20,000 driveaway after receivng government rebate/subsidy. The car is used for...
  14. A

    Newbie questions - ZS EV trophy

    Apologies if these are answered already, I have ordered a blue ZS EV trophy and getting it delivered in a couple of weeks (hopefully). Can I get some suggestions on below please? 1. what are the must-have accessories (mats, boot liner etc) and where to buy them, please? 2. Where is the best...
  15. N

    vehicle control system fault MGZSEV V1

    hello. I am from Colombia. I do not speak English well. The same thing happened to me but when I was driving. I am dead in the middle of the road. turning off or disconnecting the 12v battery did not help. in mg workshop does not allow to load the car. Does anyone know how to fix... I feel...
  16. T

    Dashboard speed indicator "out of date", is there an available update?

    Our 2020 ZS EV dashboard relative road speed indicator / warning information is out of date. We have had it serviced as required. Is there a system update, if so when was it available / when might it have been expected to be installed?
  17. Susanna

    Spotted 2 in one day!

    A black one exiting the forest where I walked this morning, and a white one on my journey home. Exciting times.
  18. M

    MG ZS Exclusive Petrol

    Hi I'm new here. Is this website all about electric MG'S. I have ordered a new MG ZS Exclusive petrol car back in April. I was told the car was due to come in in August. I rung up yesterday to see if there were any updates, and was told that he had no idea when the car would be ready.
  19. M

    A 10mm spanner is really all we need

    Am I right or wrong, I invite criticism or support. I’ve read a lot of the posts on this forum and I’ve come to the following conclusion: Most of the problems that occur could be resolved with the only tool we really need, a 10mm spanner. As I see it we don’t own a car, we have no engine, no...
  20. peterseddon

    Rapid bricked

    This is a first I think, charging at a Gridserve rapid and when I came to stop the charge the screen on the charger had frozen so could not stop the charge. Got the app going and stopped charging from there, the charger display responded and told me charging had stopped but the touch screen...
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