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MG ZS EV subcompact crossover electric SUV
  1. stoilis

    MG ZS EV 2022 power tailgate upgrade

    I fitted my MG ZS EV 2022 with a power tailgate. You can see videos here: Open/close using physical buttons: Closing using fitted driver's seat button: Open/close using key: Some thoughts on the modification: The usability could be improved. It requires a 2 step process for the opening...
  2. A

    Automatic Headlights.

    Since the latest 3 software upgrades to my 2020 MG ZS EV, when in the Automatic setting I am getting the headlights going off when driving down some very dark country roads. Now I know it happens every now and again I can switch to manual lights, but this is very alarming. MG Garage in Crawley...
  3. amorton1660

    USB Voltage

    Just a quick one guys. Is there any voltage at the rear view mirror usb outlet when Power is off. To facilitate dashcam parking mode
  4. W

    Passenger doors

    Has anyone solved the inability to open the passenger door from the inside issue. Seen some traffic but no solution (apols if ive missed it!) Had my gorgeous MG ZS EV LR Trophy connect for 48 hours and cannot continue to act as if my husband is Hyacinth Bucket - need to be able to chuck him out...
  5. Spotthedog

    Rubber Boot Tray?

    Hi folks, Can anyone confirm whether this boot tray for the MK1 ZS will fit the current model ZSEV? I'm in the market for one if you have one in good nick. Otherwise I'll go for this one if it fits. Thanks in anticipation, S.
  6. BillyWhizz

    First loose fit of AliExpress boot full boot liner

    Got a full boot liner from AliExpress only took a couple of weeks to arrive came packed very tight and flat so had to open it out and leave for a few days to retake its shape put it in the car today and will leave for a week or two before fixing with provided Velcro strips looks good for £32
  7. R

    Rear Seats Folded?

    Anyone have an idea on how to stop the seat belt warning when the rear seat backs are down with a load in, apart from plugging the seat belts in?
  8. M

    MG ZS EV Trophy Connect First Impressions.

    I've had my MG ZS for just over two months. I've really enjoyed driving it. Comfortable car, lovely to drive. Really pleased I bought it. However, I have a number of issues. Hate the fact the charge port is at the front of the car. The car mists up very quickly inside. I continually have...
  9. K

    Blind spot warning staying on for both mirrors

    I have just come back down the M1 after visiting my parents. About half way back when stuck in traffic both blind spot alert lights came on and stayed on. I am hoping that after a rest, when I turn the car back on they will have gone off and reset themselves. Has anyone else had this issue and...
  10. S

    Process of selling my car privately?

    Hello, I am thinking of selling my MK2 ZS EV SE privately. It is a 72 reg and I want to sell in towards the end of January. I just wanted to know the process of selling it privately as I have never done it before. Thanks
  11. M

    Type 2 lower than expected Charging speed.

    Hello everyone, Just brought home a new MG ZS EV SR 22 plate. In my previous EV I was pulling 7.2KWh from our tethered wall charger. For some reason the MG is only pulling 6.4KWh. Now for some people that might not be an issue but we’re in Octopus Agile so we charge at night at a reduced...
  12. D

    Mods for Efficiency

    Has anyone considered what could be modded to improve the efficiency on the ZS? Some things have been discussed before like tyre pressure, but what about changing the aerial, different body mouldings? tinting glass, to improve summer AC usage, or even replace the wing mirrors with cameras etc...
  13. D

    Mileage issue

    hi I have new MG ZS EV LR but i am not getting mileage as shown in manual , hardly getting around 300Km in full charge , is there anything i can do to improve this ?
  14. S

    Weird GOM/BMS behaviour

    We have a 2022 SR trophy ZS and it’s been brilliant, giving us nearly 160 motorway miles in the height of the summer (not so brilliant now but still suits us), and today something odd happened. I drove back from work on Sunday (35 miles) starting with 100% and the journey left me with 50%...
  15. DrJohnny Fever

    Charger points?

    Sorry, if there is a topic on this, but I’m not going to look though 184 topics to find it, anyway, never had a EV before and was down to about 15% battery power the other night, cold and peeing down, my question is are all EV chargers tap card and charge, or is it a case of joining something or...
  16. H

    Android app 1.1.8

    Just got an update to the android app 1.1.8 One thing i noticed was, the internal keyboard was gone and it now uses the phones default one.
  17. S

    App control of cabin heater - mains or battery?

    If the car is connected to the charger (7KW) but has completed it's charge and then I turn on the cabin heater remotely, does the heater run from the battery or the mains? Edit.. I can answer my own question, as I tried it tonight It does heat from the mains My car was sat at "charging...
  18. P

    Not charging fully

    Hi there again We charged our car a couple of times now but noticed this time said 100% but not full 273 miles long range is this a fault or something we are not doing right any ideas Thanks
  19. tony powell

    IONITY Plug & Charge

    I read today that IONITY now support “Plug &Charge”, the question is does the MG ZS EV support it? It worked with my old E-Niro on EasyCharger (now Zunder).
  20. gavlar123

    HELP MEEEEEE... please

    I have a 71 plate zs ev with sunroof, 179 mile range. I dropped it off at the dealers as the radio had frozen on talksport and I'd tried resetting it etc to no avail, so they're sorting it as a warranty issue. I locked it, gave them the key, and flew out to Turkey for 3 weeks, which is where I...
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