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May 27, 2023
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in ev mode, the noise of the electric motor is loud. The problem occurs randomly, on the same road sometimes the car is silent and sometimes it is very noisy. The problem was reported when the car was purchased. The dealer kept the car for 3 days without being able to fix the problem. MG France is aware of the noise but does nothing. Several owners report the problem!
If anyone managed to solve this problem, please let us know how?
I'm considering filming the car and posting on youtube, maybe MG will do something when they see the bad publicity?
Post your video.
Others may have a similar experience.
How old is the car and how many miles have done?
Is it all the time or only when driving slowly. It's a legal requirement in many countries that the car make a noise in EV mode when travelling less than 40kmph. This is to warn pedestrians that you are near. Because they won't be able to hear a petrol engine so the car must make a noise in EV mode.
I bought the vehicle new in April 2022, I reported the noise problem from the first week. The dealer has acknowledged that it makes a louder noise than other models but has no solution.
He warned MG France but MG did nothing.
It's not the sound to warn pedestrians. The noise is present at all speeds, even at 100 km/h. The noise disappears at times, it's random. Sometimes the noise is more or less loud. I feel like driving a forklift.
Now the vehicle at 20,000 km, I thought the noise would disappear with the mileage. But no.
I have done several searches on the internet and many people have the same problem.
here is a link of the video. please understand I don't have professional equipment to make a quality video. We hear the noise, in reality it's louder than in the video.

Nothing wrong there to me all sounds good, when going past walls you will get reflected noise back also you are going at some speed and passing open areas the noise went down, like me you drive with window open so you will hear the noise of the motor and gearbox. I have played and listened on headphones and to me this is nominal noise to me, when the phone was inside the car recording no loud noise.
Just to add I tested a new MG5 and with the windows closed I did not like the noise from the motor inside the cabin, a video of you car window closed on the same stretch of road near the same speed to compare would be good.
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the dealership tested the car and agree that the car makes an unusually loud noise in EV mode. The dealer had kept the car for 3 days to try to find a solution. He called MG France. Every time I go to the dealership for different business, he tells me that he still doesn't have a solution for the noise.
The noise does not have the same intensity at times. Sometimes it does not make noise (test on the same course with the same speeds).
Sometimes the noise is so loud that I have to stop or go into hybrid mode.
It's a great car when it's not making that noise. That's why I think I'm going to sell it after a year and lose money, but I can't take it anymore.
One of my neighbors wanted to buy one. He had made an appointment to place an order but when he saw my disappointment he canceled his appointment.
here is a link of the video. please understand I don't have professional equipment to make a quality video. We hear the noise, in reality it's louder than in the video.

Completely normal - Just motor and inverter noise - Mine does the exact same.
Mine makes the same sound. I’ve been told by people it sounds like a spaceship coming down the road. My parents can hear the car’s sound (in EV mode) from inside the house whilst I’m outside trying to look for a parking spot. For me personally, it’s an issue but not a dealbreaker.
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