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Alan Lamb

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Oct 3, 2023
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Hi All. I have a 2022 MG HS Phev I wondered if anyone has had this issue with their brakes. Coming up to brake regen working, touch brake pedal working OK but then the brakes seem to release slightly buy themselves and feels as if it won't stop. Thanks for any feedback.
This is a big car I tell you if the car brakes for it’s self it stops on a sixpence if you do not brake keep pushing on the pedal. I think you need to take the car out and on a side road do 2 or 3 emergency stops like on your test.
Is the petrol engine running when you experience this? I get a similar feeling like the car seems to lurch more under braking at certain times but think it's linked to the petrol engine auto box changing gear (or something like that). Almost like losing the effect of engine braking as it changes auto gear whilst I slow down
Yes I too experience this as you are slowing down for a junction or the like using the regen as the braking force (in electric mode mostly) when the gearbox changes down there seems to be a lurch forward at about 27mph or so, it is not severe but enough to make you notice. I suppose as it changes down the regen is momentarily paused hence the loss of braking force.
Hi Kerno .I have tried braking with the battery fully charged so the regen not working and the brakes work perfectly, so i think it's the regen cutting out when you are nearly stopped.
I've felt a similar thing too. I had come to the conclusion that if you are decelerating using the regen braking and then just touch the brake pedal, if you are under a certain speed (something like 15mph), the regen will immediately cancel. If you had just touched the brake and then released it, that has the effect of making the car surge as you suddenly have no braking. I guess some will see this more or less depending on driving style.
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