Marvel R V2L

We live in a pretty sunny part of the world (>300 sunny days per year apparently) and solar is well embedded, but battery and storage is virtually unknown here and those that are offered are disgustingly expensive as to make it totally uneconomic.
I really want to jump in, but the finances just don't make it viable for us here at the moment and, our electricity use profile makes personal storage much more of a desirable option than generating it in the day, hardly consuming any and selling the excess back to the grid for virtually free, hence I get jealous seeing such a well put together system such as yours :)
Use the grid as your virtual battery makes a lot of sense.

Here in Thailand there are too many restrictions - which inverter you can use; who the installer is; Solar cannot be over 5kW for single phase and upto10kW for three phase and then they only give 50% credit!
I'm owner of an Marvel R performance, i use the V2L for many purposes.
Mostly outdoor for camping.
I tested it and I can use 2,5 kW/h continuous.
I got the V2L adapter from ALIExpress for about 100,0 €.
But the V2L functionality of the MARVEL will not synchronyze with the grid. You can only use it in an so callad 'island' scenario without connection to the grid.
I have in my garage a small single phase network which I can switch off grid.
This works very well to support my heat pump.
Interesting topic, I'm interested as well.
You probably already know but on the battery section of the car screen you have a "discharge tab" where you can select the allowed percentage (ie discharge to max 50%), to ensure have enough power to drive the next day. I don't know if this can be done through the iSmart phone app as I have an issue to get it working (recent owner of a 2nd hand Marvel).

For the V2L, from what I read somewhere, effectively it doesn't synchonize natively, however using a "bidirectional wallbox" make the wallbox to manage this (not 100% sure, still on research)

Best Regards
I run isolated appliances such as tumble dryer, dishwasher, washing machine etc via V2L with my Marvel R no problem at all. They are connected via a heavy duty extension lead with 16a breaker so effectively "off grid". I will be adding solar to my property next year so intend to integrate it even more. 70kwh of LifePO4 batteries would cost around €25,000 so it's a no brainer to try to utilise something sat on my driveway ?
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