Octopus Energy, game changing tariffs!!

Hi everyone I started with Octopus Energy last July saved immediately on my gas and electricity on the ,"go" Tariff night time charging of my EV was under 4p KWH. I switched to the Agile Tariff just over a month ago... my average pence per kWh has nearly halved from around 14p to around 7p. Plus you get times when you actually get paid to use electricity!!! If you are interested use this link to get a quote

If you sign up using this link you get £50.00 from Octopus. What's not to love!!!



I'm in the process of switching to Octopus just now and even without an EV their energy prices are excellent.

Because I need a Smart meter upgrade I won't be able to get onto the Go or Agile tarrifs straight away, but even the temporary tariff will be cheaper than my current supplier/tariff. Could be a good long while before I can get the meter upgrade but I'm fine with that.

I'm also waiting for a quote from them on the EO charger installation via:

Seems to be a good deal, and I like the look & features of the charger itself.
Hi there the smart mater installs I believe are starting again very soon if not already. Their customer service is the best for a utility company or any other company for that matter that I know of. Nothing is an issue always helpful!!


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Does anyone know ..for sure...how you get on with a Smart Meter, if you also have solar panels?

I've heard some horror stories were, in some cases, they can charge you, for the power YOU generated !
Morning, I have never heard of that happening, let me ask a few questions of people I know at Octopus and I will get back to you


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It wasn't Octopus and it was a couple of years ago....I suppose it could be folk-law, but it put me off so-called Smart meters.


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I switched energy supplies 8 months ago and found out yesterday that they were both still taking money off me!
That shouldn't happen..but it did and EDF and SSE are sorting it out as we speak!


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yes indeed. EDF were very helpful on the phone and I'm sure they will sort it, but the system is hardly fool proof. I rather thought there would be some sort of central database that providers could check.....and a red flag would pop up ....before I spotted in my online statement.


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Zappi is a good product but I have rung the firm as I was going to get one installed but charges varied from £800 - £1200.I believe it will take 5-9 years to recoup your layout cost . Pod Point free with the MG ev with the latest offer.

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