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When will the I-smart app be available for the MG EHS europe


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Sep 8, 2022
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Please is there a way to have this I-smart app working with my MG EHS? I realy want to check the charching of the vehicle on distance. i know it is working in thailand an other countries, but why not in europe....i love the car but i really miss this feature, the ZS and the Marvel R has it but why not The EHS...is there a work around too activate this...?
I it is not possible as the HS is a window system to start with and the ISmart works on android system, also there is not hardware in the car to support it.
i-smart works on iphone as well, and it works with the ZS and the Marvel R in europe. Are you sure it is missing hardware or is it just turned off.
I am Italian, owner of a MG EHS, and the person who gave me the car told me that the Ismart application would be available within the year ... At this point I don't believe it then ...
Indeed there has already been a hardware teardown of the car marketed in Europe (but the same is true for Australia and New Zealand) and the components are different.
And even if they were, I don't know of any similar case where a car manufacturer has deployed a new operating system on vehicles already sold. It would probably be different if the car already had a 4g connection and that it was planned in advance, but unfortunately that's not the case .... Maybe for the mid life facelift. Sorry
is it not possible to buy this in china or thailand....aftersale.....even the outlander has a app that works....MG
I own an MG EHS(2022) as well and was disappointed with the lack of app-connectivity with the car.
I do not think that MG will bring this for it's European PHEV cars and I spoke to the salesman+workshop engineer too about this.
It's said that there is no hardware JTO but the car does have a communication facility in the emergency SOS system so the most difficult part is probably already there.
I think we need some kind of sim card, and you need a server to connect it too, and if this is not available then it will never work.
There is no hardware to run any check the app can do so the app will not work on this car.
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