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    The White cars DO rust

    My red front wings have no red on the back end of the wings where they bolt to the body, I can see grey through the gap when the door is open. Anyone else notice this ?
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    MG ZS EV Servicing Costs

    Fluid changes at 4th year, that's why they only gave three years free servicing with the offers in the Summer, they can still sting you with the £400 4th service.
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    Do you still.............

    No, having had keyless entry for the last 11 years. I did find myself just pulling the handle, as it was on the Prius, not pressing the button. Also at first I was locking then unlocking the door by pressing the button twice, being used to double or deadlocking on the Prius, the MG deadlocks the...
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    Top accessories

    I have this MG one, what puzzles me though is why it has the central hinge like section when the boot floor is all one piece ? :unsure:
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    Replacing Head Unit, Controlling Pilot, Lighting, etc

    Don't you have a house, do you live in your car ? :unsure:
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    Haven't bought one...yet

    Just to add, @MrG there are free fast (7kW) charging locations out there as well, Tescos for example, where you can add 20 miles to your range for every hour you spend parked there, subject to local time and spend restrictions.
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    Cold weather range test completed today...on my driving it’s really very good.

    Has anyone with these low, BMS induced GOM figures actually taken it down to the wire to see if it's real ?
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    How is your dealer ?

    Av gi'n Steads sum feedback cus thi wer reyt gud, I wer well chuffed wi em.
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    LED/HID Light Conversion now an MOT Fail

    Are you really going to put the candles back in Mark ? :LOL: If they don't change the regs and/or start E marking LEDs I will probably put some brighter halogens in when the test is due, not Osram Nightbreakers though with 6 months warranty.
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    BMS updates and warranty

    Wouldn't battery degradation show on the HV battery meter ?
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    Chrome air vent surround - anti-reflective covers...

    Maybe still too shiny I think.
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    Chrome air vent surround - anti-reflective covers... be continued. :sneaky:
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    MG #teamblue swarm

    Me too....
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    Ah, I see why you pay twice as much for them now. ;)
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    Replace rear lights with LED’s

    It might be they don't throw enough light out because the headlamp design is a single bulb with a shutter that blocks half the light off for dipped beam, rather than two separate reflectors with two bulbs. With two reflectors, with two 55W bulbs, you would be getting 110W per headlight of light...
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