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Aug 18, 2021
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Breitenbach, France
Just to give some feedback to the people who are looking into buying MG ZS EV.
I got my car in June in France, already done 5000km.
First of all I have not been looking to get a new car, however I moved away from city and with a 50km commute one way (20 km on winding mountain roads 30km on the motorway) it made sense to look at the alternatives to an ICE car.
With MG ZS EV first thing that surprised me was the adequate comfort, with my 2m (6"7') it's a suffering to drive Zoe, Leaf or Tesla model 3. The other thing was that it was a quite good deal, 23 400 Eur after the 7000 Eur bonus. The interior was ok, so I decided to go for it.
In general the car drives well, and I would not say like the most reviews that Zoe or Leaf are better driver's cars, I think they are all kind of similar in a sense of driving quality and the acceleration feels more or less the same (Tesla 3 is zippier).
The range is ok for me, however I've never done above 200km on one charge (had the battery down to 10% once). My foot is quite heavy though.
Going to work 700m downhill vertically, 20km of twisties and 30km motorway has the consumption of 16-18kwh/100km.
Coming back home same road uphill consumes 24-26kwh/100km. The average on the 5000km is 20.4 kwh/100km.
The good:
  • MG pilot works quite well and is a fine system, aiding both with a long boring drives and traffic jams;
  • It's dynamic, at least until 80km/h;
  • The boot space is good;
  • Adequate comfort;
  • Sunroof is great;
  • I find it less annoying to charge every night, than to stop at gas stations now and then.
  • Radio module initializing problem since the beginning, basically radio gets stuck on the station and you cannot switch any more. You can switch to different sources though.
  • After 2 weeks of leaving car with full HV battery the 12v battery had 6 volts (was dead). Managed to somehow revive the battery.
  • The fact that Strasbourg dealership did not yet solve the above two issues, I made an appointment, however there was no solution available to them, so just drove Leaf for two days for nothing. They apparently had a MG technician comming in, but no feedback or invitation to another appointment for > than 1 month.
  • Can't see the lower row of lights on the panel if the steering is in upper position;
  • Fact that you cannot move the steering wheel closer to yourself;
  • Lack of AC charging with doors unlocked;
  • No HV battery % indicator.;
  • Slow multimedia system. Not so much of a problem with Android Auto;
  • It took quite a few cables to find one that works with Android Auto rather reliably.

Anyhow, I am more or less happy with the car and the value, seems to be a very good deal to make the switch, especially with a government bonus.
The only big concern is the service quality, would expect an issue like the above mentioned to be sorted out sooner.
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