Software update disaster


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Dropped car off for the software update and mentioned PeteJ's problem. They said that was the first update they'd done and "got it wrong". I asked that I'd like the car to be taken for a longish drive after the updates are completed before I picked it up. Picked car up and checked the mileage, which showed a couple of miles added since I'd dropped it off, so was happy that they had taken it for a test drive. Was still a bit nervous when driving off though, but two days later all fine. Everything I expected from the update was done. Quicker startup, external temp, less and fewer bongs etc. Well worth getting it done.


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Glad DaveH had the update workout OK. I’ll be using Richmonds for my update in January and hopefully they’ll have mastered it all by then. I looked at Henry’s in Bournemouth on Monday but they’re a bit out the way when killing time. At least Richmonds are in town so a day spent in Southampton can be put to good use.

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