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    Awaiting code for govt. grant?

    If the price agreed then surely that is the price if not I think they will lose out as you walk away
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    Recommended MG5 long range home charger

    I have the pod point EC charger is great also they have a lot chargers out there used one in Blackpool all good
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    Smart charger or not?

    Ops now 😁
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    Smart charger or not?

    I have seen some time ago that all home ev chargers are and have to be smart so I say go for it no
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    When to get home charger fitted ?

    Yes when I ordered my 5 the dealership gave me the number for pod point who they recommended and it took time to be fitted but no issues when fitted and very happy with it was fitted bout 3 weeks before got my 5
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    MG5 2022 Facelift

    Looks good
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    Self propelled MG5LR

    All good and you will feel you 5 revers quicker then forwards untill you apply the go pedle 😁👍
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    Long Range here we come!

    Go in to settings on car and turn off lane assistant u have and only use the mg pilot whish great and has a mild lane assistant on it 👍
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    Sat Nav Not Loading

    Or use android auto or the iPod one not a fan of apple 😂
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    Long Range here we come!

    Yes nicely said vpk999 and micahelr I have used the pod point app in Blackpool and all good fully charged my mg5 and pod point say they are the biggest in UK 👍
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    Long Range here we come!

    Glad you getting a mg5 LR enjoy you and the better half I have a pod point charger and find it ok also the app so can charge through the app and soon it be law for the charger to be able to charge through a app had mine since march and love it 👍😁
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    Charging fully.

    Mine is pod point and have used them when out ie blackpool
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    Charging fully.

    Well I have the 5lr and mine charges to 100% I think you need to get it checked at the dealer
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    Are existing orders price-protected?

    I ordered my mg5 back in December and got the grant and then the gov cut the grant in new year got my mg5 in March and at agreed price etc the dealer covered the cut of the grant so was very happy 👍
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    1065 miles in 6 days

    I have found the seat ok on long journeys I'm 5 ft 11 👍
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