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    Why no downloadable manual for HS PHEV?

    Giving the system credit it really isn’t such a poor system. For a system that isn’t connected to the internet, it works pretty well. You can’t really compare it to an app on the phone that is connected to the internet and constantly have live update as you drive. As for the map updates, it...
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    Auto Boot Closing

    I have had this when the boot not shut fully and locked. I can hear it and knows the boot didn’t shut properly so never driven off with it unlocked. Doesn’t do it often, only does it once in a blue moon. Never really thought much about it.
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    1st service cost on an MG HS PHEV

    I had my first service with Luscombe MG Leeds too at the back end of May. Nothing reported and the car has done just over 5000 miles. I’m on a service plan with them but now I know how much it actually costs.
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    MG EHS no charging with the 240v charger

    Best bet is try another granny charger or find yourself a home wall or public AC charger and see if it charges.
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    Window Tinting

    Looks like it then
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    Window Tinting

    I have Llumar Air 80 on my front side windows. Although it is stated as clear window film, on the spec sheet it does say 77% VLT. It is very clear it is tinted just by comparing the side window with the clear windscreen. No way you will be legal to put this on the front windscreen.
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    Charging in France

    Yup and I normally work with figures 8 miles gained from 1hr charge.
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    Failed charging with Pulsar Plus wall box

    The recessed pin is normal
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    Engine oil grade

    0W20 as stated in the owners handbook. You can download a copy of the handbook from the MG website if you didn’t get a hard copy with the car.
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    HV Battery Shut Off

    Over the last year I have mainly driven short distances or the car only got used 2 or 3 times a week. The 12v battery was constantly in red and I even resorted to charging the 12v with a smart charger. After a couple of times of charging the 12v, the smart meter will now say the 12v is full and...
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    Failed charging with Pulsar Plus wall box

    Again bang on. I have a Wallbox Pulsar Plus too and also on scheduled charge with Octopus Go. Over the last year I have had a couple of failed charge. Again sussed out if the whirring/locking noise did it twice then most likely it won’t charge, I would now unlock car pull out charge plug and...
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    ACC display and Warnings

    There are 3 main menus so left and right scroll through them. What happens when you switch on or engage ACC, a fourth menu is created which is the car with the adjustable distance to the car in front. So if you scroll left and right will scroll through the 4 menus. When you turn off ACC then it...
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    ACC display and Warnings

    If you have engaged ACC you can still access other info on the dash by scrolling left and right then up and down as normal.
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    Deleting addresses from the sat nav

    To delete history (previous entered location):- 1. Open navigation 2. Press bottom right corner ‘3 bars’ button then ‘New Route’ 3. Press ‘History’ 4. Press bottom right corner ‘arrow up’ button 5. Press ‘Edit’ 6. Press an item and press ‘delete’ 7. Repeat on each item if necessary To delete...
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    Overtaking acceleration. Long journey MPG

    On a long journey I get around 42-43MPG.
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