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    How many facelift versions are out there?

    Have any owners of facelift models considered having the "grille" sprayed in black ? My personal view is that the pressed metal grille looks weird. When the new model was first introduced there was a picture of one with a sprayed grille which I thought looked better.
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    Adaptive cruise control

    The ACC was developed for the ICE ZS and they did not bother to develop it further to include the KERS function. I suspect the accelerometer function under discussion is determined in software by the rate of change of the Speedo. Much easier to do it that way.
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    Pedestrian warning sound

    (Written this bit before). As I have to traverse a pedestrian-only road every day, I have had to fit a warning sounder so that I can attract pedestrians attention. Using a relay based "and-gate", triggered from the two front indicators when flasher together, I use an electronic sounder which...
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    Pedestrian warning sound

    I do not know about the new models, but my 2020 ZS the generated noise is definitely too low. Most people do not hear the car approaching behind them.
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    Pedestrian warning sound

    yes I was, maybe we need some way to differentiate, or a new forum?
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    DRIPPING WET ! With Condensation.

    I have written this note before.....pressing the demist button (left hand side) turns on the fan on high and the aircon and directs the air to the screen and applies some heat. It works really well. The thing to note is that it is still possible to turn down the fan speed and use the car in that...
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    Pedestrian warning sound

    You can turn it off on - the on/off toggle is on the infotainment system. I did find it once but it makes so little difference whether it is on or off that I just leave it on. I cannot remember whether it re-sets every time you use the car, my distant memory tells me that it remains in the state...
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    SCRUNCH at low speeds?

    I get the scrunching noise now and again but I try to ignore it. I just hope that if/when I am really going to hit something it stops it happening!!
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    Locating the DC-DC converter

    I confess I have no idea what 12v load is required for items such as lights, aircon etc, so I guess it may need quite a large 12v supply. Most ICE cars have about 100amp (say 1500w) so I would have thought that should be enough. If fan cooled that does not have to be large. Do we assume this car...
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    Locating the DC-DC converter

    I would suggest that there may not be a straight dc/dc converter. The motor controller will take the dc and modulate it to power the motor. The battery charger will take in ac and convert to dc to charge the battery. But then I don’t know what the spec is for the rapid dc chargers is, but it...
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    Using demisters without heating

    Volvo have heated screens because they were once owned by Ford...... But the MG demist system works very well as it all runs on electricity, it warms the screen nearly as quickly as a direct element, and without the funny little wires! Running it for a few minutes to clear the screen hardly...
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    Reduced Power - MG UK Deny Fault.

    I have a fairly early car, delivered January 2020. I have never experienced any reduction in power at any SOC, and I have run the battery down to virtually nothing. I think there must be a fault somewhere if you get reduced power. It could be some protection device operating to prevent a system...
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    Real experience of driving SR Trophy on a long journey

    When driving long distance, I find it very useful to have the trip meter showing. i watch the miles/kw closely. If one can keep the miles/kw to 3.5 or higher, I find the GOM will be accurate to the miles covered. Any less than 3.5, the achieved miles will be less than the GOM showed. On long...
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    Using demisters without heating

    It’s my phone that dyslexic, not me! The main point I was trying to make is that when the demist button is pressed it will clear the screen fast, but by turning down the heat control and the fan speed it seems it is possible to have heat and air on on at the same time, which you cannot do by any...
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    Using demisters without heating

    I always use the front Demi’s tee button if the screen fogs. The interesting thing is that it turns on the air on and the blower at full power. BUT you can turn the blower down to minimum so is a useful way to have heater and air on on at the same time. I haven’t managed to find any other way.
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