5 Reasons MG4 is the best small EV

The problem with third party reviews is they deal with driving experience and not ownership experience. It isn't the same thing.
100% right, they don't deal with the day to day foibles and MG and dealer contact
A review like this will not encourage MG to do anything about customer service.
I thinks it's safe to say the MG4 has the potential to be the most capable (in terms of range and equipment) cheap/value for money family hatch sized EV.

They need to dramatically improve the aftercare both in terms of the dealers and MG themselves. They should also be putting all their efforts into addressing all the small software niggles.
Members have a variety of them but depending on how many you have it really impacts the ownership/driver experience.

The fact that there seems to be no real explanation for all the niggles is probably all the more frustrating for owners. They come in here and speak to other owners that haven't got these issues but can't get dealers to sort them out in their cars.

It's really strange that so many cars have so many different faults, some shared some not.
I complete agree - but will this affect sales? Is it really something MG are bothered about? I don’t think so at the moment.
Until they can see a direct impact that hurts new sales and market share there is no real short to medium term incentive.
You are right but until they start addressing these issues they are always going to keep that budget brand tag.
They have the potential with their new models to build on that and move the brand on, but they seem content with the budget/cheap brand tag,.
If they keep raising their prices (i know this is driven by other variables) people aren't going to pay that money for a budget brand. They need to build and work on the brand image whilst the 4 is getting all this positive press and is still seen as a relative bargain (in EV terms)
Do you think that they are looking to get more market share first and foremost and then build the brand?
I to agree with the comments above and the issue that have been raised in this forum, Oil leaks, and being unable to open the doors and get out, are compared to the volume of sales very few it seems but are also very important to them that have them.
The annoying thing is the way they are being dealt with, if what as been reported is true dealers have to send photos of a car that has an oil leak to MG motors before they can order the parts to stop it, itis ridiculous, it has more than once be written here about the very poor parts situation for MG parts with vehicles being of the road for weeks and months in some cases waiting for parts the strategy appears to be, ship in as many as possible and sell them as quick as possible and as cheap as possible, before the customers drift away and look at another brand and it’s working for them.
And when others do appear on the seen Ora, BYD, xPang etc they won’t be many people needing that new car.
Every time I go out I see more and more MGs about my son lives in London as been for years and in his area SE London when we order a cab to go out to eat or whatever most of the Uber’s where Toyota Prius only a year or so ago, now MG5 or ZS rule the road well there are more and more each time I go there it appears even here in Wigan MG5 cabs are more each week.
Do you think that they are looking to get more market share first and foremost and then build the brand?
Possibly but surely that should go hand in hand.
Strong foundation with a potentially good car and a directed brand/dealer instruction that standards (communication/reporting/service) have to improve.

The launch of the 4 gave them this opportunity, the have since launched the facelift 5 and next year the facelifted ZS is launched, followed at some point by the Cyberstar which is rumoured this year or next and also the Marvel R if rumours are correct

That's a whole lot of new vehicles for dealers and service teams to get their heads round (granted a lot of the tech will be shared) but each car will have its own issues.
Surely it was a better idea to drive up standards now with only one brand new car to cope with rather than a whole load of new vehicles with a host of potential issues that could overwhelm dealers, that are trying to learn on the job.
Yes - good points. I feel MG are focused mostly on keeping the price at a level that attracts buyers and not investing in post-sales at this point in time.
‘Small’ EV…?
It’s hardly a 500 or UP size vehicle.
Weird definition.
It is in the small family hatchback category I suppose, the 4, born, Megane, id3, Niro are all a good bit smaller than the the EV6, ioniq 5, M3/Y and all the other SUV EV's
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