1. founny1


    Hello all I can vouch for these. Cheap but good quality.
  2. B

    Wireless charging pad slip solution

    For those with a heavy right foot or if you enjoy hooning into corners you may have noticed your phone vacating the wireless charging pad. If you want your phone to stay there then I suggest a piece of dycem. I got a roll after discovering it in hospital. Black would be a better choice but I...
  3. SimonM

    Software update woes broke my car

    Hello all, I thought I share my tale of woe with you, and you possibly may have some pearls of wisdom for me. I took delivery of my MG4 Trophy (Phase 2) at the start of September. Its a lease on the works EV scheme. I was pleased with it, drives well and looks great in black! A week in...
  4. G

    Do any quality manufacturers offer 12v batteries for MG4?

    I want another 12v battery in my garage, but quality manufacturers like Varta and Bosch obviously doesn't have it. Is the only option another battery from MG itself, or are there alternatives?
  5. S

    New MG4 owner

    Hello and next Monday I will pick up my Black MG4 long range trophy and I can't wait. It's a bit of a bummer that I can't charge at home as I live in a high rise apartment block. So I will be using only public chargers to top up. If it works out the same as my current VW T-roc that never gets...
  6. Y

    Ecumenical matters

    Hadn't realised the DAB radio uses the star of david to represent all religions.
  7. Rolfe

    A long time on a granny lead

    In another thread someone pointed out that MG recommend that cars should be charged from 10% to 100% on a "slow charger" every three to six months. I didn't think I needed the car today, so since I was down to 9% yesterday afternoon I thought I'd give it a try. I started the charge about 4.30...
  8. founny1

    Mud flaps

    Hello Ive checked the forum and cant see it posted anywhere on this one. Has anyone fitted any? Thanks
  9. S

    400 Mile round trip to Poole (MG4 SR)

    Just come back from a 5 day break from Nr Peterborough to Poole in Dorset. All was smooth and the hotel (Holiday Inn had some chargers). Made the mistake of connecting to the 7,5 kW and then I noticed it has an automatic extra £10 charge if stay longer than 90 minutes - this was in quite small...
  10. Vingnut

    Rear hatch not opening from outside, fix.

    Post this to help others that might encounter this issue. I do not know how common the problem with the rear hatch not responding to pressing the button on the rear hatch or the keyfob are, my phase 1 Luxury/Trophy did this from time to time when on infotainment software R30 (what happens with...
  11. D

    Car Dead when using remote heating

    So the fudgewits at MG Barnsley updated the software on my MG4 SR despite me and the service manager clearing putting “do not update software” on the work pack. This has turned on LKA every time which is actually dangerous in my option and completely unusable. Another issue is now when I use...
  12. U

    Mg4 64kw Battery Life

    What is the degradation percentage of mg4 luxury? How often should i replace batteries? And are they replace all of them or a part of them?
  13. 2

    MG4 MY2023 tyres headsup

    Hi All, just wanted to post this in case someone else does the same thing...... Just collected my 232 MG4 Exclusive (Irish version of Trophy) last Friday. I had ordered the car early January! When I went to collect it I was surprised to find that I had gotten the updated version with the rear...
  14. C

    Sporadic Warning Lights and a rattle

    Hi all, I wanted to see if anyone else has experiences this and if so what the solution or result was! I have an MG4 Long Range Trophy, about a month old. Twice now I have had the following alert symbols on the dash: Forward collision assistance system Lane assist system Traffic jam assist...
  15. MartinSEsr

    Upgraded reversing light LED bulb

    Hi, I upgraded my interior bulbs which was quick and easy. I can't see any point in doing indicators or brake lights, but I would like a brighter reversing light. I have to reverse up a dark drive each night. There isn't a specific article I can find on this here, other than a video where a...
  16. I

    Glove box

    Glove box. Hi I’ve just picked up my new MG4 on Friday. My daughter has managed to throw her disability badge down the back of the glove box. Can anybody please tell me how to drop it out so I can access behind it please? 🙄
  17. Abe

    Poll: What’s your favourite colour MG4?

    Per, my previous thread, I’m having trouble deciding which colour to get. I thought I had it down to two, but now not so sure so I’m throwing it wide open Also curious what people’s favourite colour is anyway, particularly if you’ve seen them all.
  18. N

    Faulty charging socket locking mechanism

    Just collected my MG4 51 yesterday and I find that the locking mechanism for the charging socket is acting up. It is not able to fully engage when the charging plug is inserted and hence refuses to charge until it is locked. I have to remove and reinsert the plug several time to get it to lock...
  19. calwoo

    Regenerative Braking

    I’ve been wondering how regenerative braking extends the available range compared with simply coasting whenever possible. My last car, a Merc 250e (hybrid) had coasting as one of the regen options selectable by paddles behind the steering wheel, and when you had to use the brakes while coasting...
  20. AB71

    Turn non wireless charging to wireless charging?

    Please see attached fyi if any use for anybody
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