1. T

    MG4 Battery Degredation

    This was hidden away on another thread, so thought I'd create a new discussion topic (hope this is okay). ABRP now supports (paid version) OBD Live data for the MG4 (I use the - NEXAS NexLink Bluetooth 5.0 OBDII Scanner for iPhone & Android). My car is 6 months old, with 6400miles, and is the...
  2. tsedge

    MG4 Fault Tracker: links to problems/solutions and general advice

    Hi, To give something back to this very helpful forum, I have created what I hope will be a useful tool. This is intended to complement the excellent Hints & Tips resource. This tool is a Google Sheet that tracks all the faults reported on the forum in the last 3 months (plus a few I remember...
  3. F

    MG4 & Ohme Home Pro Charging Rate?

    Hi all, I just wanted to see what KW other MG4 owners were getting with their OHME Home Pro (OHP) I had the OHP 8m tethered installed with this configuration: 6mm Doncaster EV cable ~ 10m from the box. 100A into the house, 80A RCD Type A with a 80A Type C MCB. Set at 32A max, with Load...
  4. T

    MG4 scheduled charging with Easee one

    I finally received my MG4 this week and i've been really enjoying the car so far but i'm having a few problem with the scheduled charging from my Easee one home charger. I have set the scheduled charging in the car to between 2:30 and 5:30am which is inside the off peak tariff with my electric...
  5. R

    MG4 Spare wheel

    Just thought I would reignite the spare wheel discussion. Has anyone looked into it further or tried fitting potentially sized wheels?
  6. PhilYerBoots

    Sold MG4 Mudflaps - New and Unused

    We have a set of MG4 Mudflaps for sale that we didn't put on the car as we didn't have it long enough. So they're new in original box from AliExpress with screws, Allen key and instructions. Was looking for £20 plus postage but open to reasonable offers. Cheers, Phil.
  7. M

    Samsung Phone/MG4

    How do you get the Samsung ZFold4 set on my MG4 Trophy? don't get too complicated !!!
  8. Les burrows

    MG4 March efficiency SE SR

  9. Kentboy

    Picked up my MG4 Trophy today! Some thoughts...

    It's funny picking up a car you tried briefly on a test ride, bought, then spent a couple of weeks waiting for reading posts here and watching Youtube videos. One day in here, fwiw, are my thoughts... 1. It's a delight to drive. Having been behind the wheel of a diesel SUV for much of the last...
  10. T

    Dashcam on Aliexpress

    I found this dashcam on AliExpress and was wondering if anyone has tried it. Also will it work on the MG4 Trophy. 59.46£ 57% OFF|For MG4 2022 2023 MG MULAN EV Dashcam Dash Cam for Car Camera DVR Electronics Automobiles Parts Accessories| | - AliExpress I know it has no GPS.
  11. Paul V Smith

    New MG4 Software Update Nightmare March 2023

    2 weeks ago I had my MG4 Trophy recalled for a software update. This should have been in for one day. Day 2 they contacted me saying there was a problem and they needed advice from MG as they had no idea. 2 weeks on its still not sorted. The latest software update caused errors /issues with...
  12. J

    7 Pin Charge Port Waterproof Cover Missing on New MG4 Trophy ?

    Hi, Newbie here. Got my new MG4 Trophy a few days ago. When charging for the first time I noticed that there is a removable Waterproof Plug Bung covering the Lower ( DC ) Port but no removable Waterproof Cover on the Upper ( AC ) 7 Pin Port, although there appears to be a hole provided to locate...
  13. Guru

    MG4 vs ZS

    My 4 is back at the dealer for some software updates and they've given me a mk2 ZS EV as a courtesy car. Interesting being back in a ZS especially as it's a mk2 rather then the mk1 we had before. There's a few things a prefer on the ZS: Instrument cluster is nicer on the ZS. The screen is...
  14. Alansurfer

    MG4 Trophy Speaker Upgrade

    I have posted this with the thread already up re speakers but put it here as well. Upgraded the front and rear speakers with Vibe Slick6-V7 6.5 component fronts and coaxial rears. I used the original speaker mounts modified to fit the new ones, you can use aftermarket spacers they need to be...
  15. D

    Mg4 trophy sales drop like a stone!

    Whilst waiting for Mg to sort out all the problems before a order one I’ve now changed my mind completely due to new competition. The BYD Atto 3 is now available from stratstone. The price looks very pricey for an unknown Chinese car but the advertised price has a £4K dealer contribution, so...
  16. M

    MG4 iSmart app stuck in 'long-trip' mode

    I'm a bit stuck but my iSmart app is stuck in long trip mode which means if I leave it overnight charging it'll go to 100% if it has a enough time. Then regen breaking don't work as well and I've reinstalled the app and can't find any setting in the car to come out of long trip mode. The slider...
  17. D

    Can you bind 2 mobiles to one MG4 Trophy

    New owner of MG4 Trophy. Have managed to bind my phone to the car but when we try to use the same instructions to bind my wife's phone the instructions do not match what comes up on the car display. None of the MG or iSmart sites make any mention of binding more than one phone. Does anyone know...
  18. MG4London

    MG4 finance deals

    I applied for finance but didn’t qualify for some reason I’ve asked my father to buy it in his name but I need it registered at my address for the parking permit Anyway is this a good deal?
  19. J

    MG4 SR long journey non-stop

  20. H

    Apple CarPlay dongle for MG4

    Any recommendations for dongle that will work in brand new MG4 to avoid need to plug in iPhone 10 by wire each time?
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