The MG4 EV is a battery electric small family car (C-segment) produced by the Chinese automotive manufacturer SAIC Motor under the British MG marque. First released in June 2022 as the MG Mulan in China, it is the first vehicle to be based on SAIC's battery electric Modular Scalable Platform (marketed as the Nebula platform in China). It was introduced in Europe as the MG4 EV in July 2022.

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  1. QLeo

    First Service Report

    A report back for info -mods - if this needs merging with other first service threads, that's fine with me. First off, one reads the horror stories some folk on the forum have regarding dealerships. We must be very fortunate, as Dicksons in Inverness has been the model of professionalism on...
  2. L

    MG4 Stereo ISO(?) adapter

    Hi! I'm working on improving my speaker system in my new MG4 and have come to a sudden halt. Instead of cutting all of the original wires I want what is normally a really easy fix - a ISO adapter for the speaker outputs. Everything is of interest since you can make this in several different...
  3. E

    Drivers window is dead

    Had my brand new MG4 for 3 weeks and the drivers window has stopped working. It does nothing at all. The other 3 all work perfectly. Since it stopped working I have charged the car fully, reset the info screen thing, left the car locked for 10 hours, drove the car 60 miles, still no life from...
  4. F

    Polestar 2 review (previous gen) and TJA/LKA equivalent

    From about 14’ into the video. Worth watching the rest of the review too. Puts things into perspective
  5. the briggie

    How to reset steering and windows after 12v battery disconection

    Reset steering and windows after 12v disconnect. Never having had to do it, it would be good to get confirmation from forum members that this is correct before adding it to hints and tips. Thumbs up would do. Comments more than welcome. After the car powers up, you'll likely need to reset the...
  6. K

    Long repair time

    Had my new car in August 2023, had an accident in November (not my fault), apparently the repair shop are still waiting for one part to be delivered.
  7. S

    Are the facelift cars better?

    Hey All, Is there a difference in the quality of the MG4s since the facelift in mid-2023? I'm looking at the Standard & Luxury models here in Germany. I've read about the differences like seat heating, rear wiper and one-pedal driving, but I'm wondering more about: Known issues: Like the oil...
  8. D

    “Fast Charging” - at 3.6kW or less

    I posted recently querying whether Type 2 cables were redundant. Well, I thought I would christen mine yesterday, at a National Trust site. The initial reading was at 3.4kW, rising soon after to 3.6kW. When I returned to the car 2+ hours later the charge rate was 1.4kW. I had a look at cars...
  9. K

    Boot size question

    Hi Does anybody know or could Measure the boot floor of their MG 4 please? Looking to purchase one but need to check a wheel chair will fit in boot.
  10. W

    First long run in my Trophy LR

    Painless experience.... Set off from home in Buckingham with 99%. I couldn't find any charges near where I was working or the hotel I was staying in, so planned to stop for a zap & dash at the Shell recharge at Tothill services (about 50miles from home) so should have enough battery to commute...
  11. I


    I went for my first long journey (200 miles return) last week. On pulling off the motorway and pulling up at the traffic lights I heard what I can only describe as sounding like a sack of squabbling ferrets under the car. I've no idea what it was, but the only thing I can think of is the...
  12. dsimpkins

    Foot rest

    I removed my foot rest today so that I could take some measurements from it, and hopefully create a revised version that is a different angle to be more comfortable. What a mess was lurking underneath it! Needless to say, it's been cleaned up. I also found a bit of liquid on the side of the...
  13. Loveclose

    Highest Average Somehow....

    Greetings to all.... Driving back to Harrogate from the Himalayan Gardens, I aviemore an average of 4.6 miles after 16.4 miles. For large parts of the journey, I was on 4.8.... the first two miles, it was on some ridiculous two digit average!!! Point is, o normally make around 3.6... 50 mpg...
  14. P

    My iSMART app

    My iSmart app shows tyres as normal. However see photograph with no air in tyres
  15. NeilF

    Issue with Steering Wheel Button Programming on MG4 Trophy EV After R46 Update - Anyone Else?

    Hi, I've recently encountered a frustrating issue with my MG4 Trophy EV following the latest service and upgrade to software version R46. I wanted to share this problem with the community here and see if anyone else has experienced something similar. The star buttons on the steering wheel...
  16. M

    MG4 long range suddenly throwing multiple errors

    Was driving from Melbourne to Canberra and decided to turn left off the highway to pull into a recharge station, as I was pulling in the alerts started sounding one after the other. Lane keep assist system unavailable, Forward collision system unavailable, same for Auto emergency braking system...
  17. J

    Close to zero?

    How close to zero per cent should i risk going away from my home charger with my MG4 LR? Also, would I need to pre-register with Tesla/download their app to use their chargers?
  18. I

    Unexpected 'passenger'

    I must have inadvertantly changed some setting! I was surprised the other day to be greeted into the car by a woman's voice welcoming me and telling me the date, time and weather forecast. Mind you, she was a a bit out with the date this morning, telling me it was the first of January 2019...
  19. I

    Got mine Today

    Picked up my MG4 X power this afternoon .. 100% worth every penny does have a slight vibration at 100 km/h but nothing i cant live with .. I will keep my eyes peeled for the incoming fix from MG .. Car drives , performs and looks amazing ( havent used the 320kw yet but dont really feel the...
  20. T

    MG4 - Qtr 3 2023 - Sat Nav update

    To keep everyone posted, MG UK has advised us that a new MG 4 Sat Nav map update is available at - Nobody as yet has had any luck loading it, but worth a try. If you find it doesn't work, email MG UK ([email protected]). The more we...
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