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  1. F

    MG Dealers Ireland

    When I order my MG4 in December 2022 (still waiting for it), the only MG dealers in Ireland (Republic) were based in and around Dublin. Since I live in the midlands (100+ miles from Dublin), this was one of the concerns I raised before placing the order. I was reassured that MG are planning to...
  2. QLeo

    Suddenly all was well

    Tomorrow will be three weeks since we collected Goth Leo, our MG4 SE LR. We have already done nearly 1400 miles. This forum was very helpful as we stepped up to make the decision whether or not to buy Goth Leo, but there was one aspect of it that I was aware of, and that is, in general, folk...
  3. timothy

    I have dented the corner of the front bumper on the black trim on my mg4

    Can anyone give me some advice. I have dented the corner of the front bumper on the black plastic trim on my mg4
  4. Sloucher

    Owners Manual Rev 2 updates - Beware!

    As an exercise, I'm going through Rev 2 of the MG4 manual identifying the differences from Rev 1 (I'll be posting my findings later). What I've found so far though, is that several illustrations have been updated - but only to change the RHD screens to LHD!! The basic information is the same...
  5. Kithmo

    I've been Tangoed 😍

    Just picked up my new 4 today. Well pleased with it so far. :)
  6. D

    First long run miles/KW

    So picked the Trophy up yesterday and had a run today from Manchester to south Shropshire on a mix of motorway and A roads and got 4.4 mikes/Kw which thanks to the warm weather I don’t think is too bad - had to run the A/C as it’s so hot😀 Pleased to see I got 7 KW regen too Sorry for the...
  7. dsimpkins

    MG4 Phone Bumper - 3D printed

    One of my hobbies is 3D printing. I've designed a new phone bumper for my MG4 EV to stop my phone from sliding off the factory phone mat, which can happen if being a bit too enthusiastic when cornering. My design is based on Tim Holzhausen's design for an MG4 phone railing which is in another...
  8. Teichoscopia

    Tyre reviews

    I thought that I would share a link to this useful resource. Nothing there for the MG4 yet, but I used it every time I needed to buy new tyres for my last car. The reviews are crowd sourced. Hopefully with enough reviews tyre scores should become reasonably objective and reliable...
  9. E

    Using MG4 V2L to power a home (with a little help from Bluetti AC500 + 2 x B300S)

    My Electricity bill for May 2023 (4 Bed, 3 floors house) £15 = Standing charges (31 days @ £0.49) £22 = Electricity (295 kWh @ £0.074) £37.25 total for electricity & standing charges ps I had my gas meter removed free of charge by Octopus Energy No Heat pump or solar panels! Bluetti install...
  10. Les burrows

    Checking the State of charging on the MG4

    Hi again not seen this little trick mentioned Before so just so you know, ours is the 4 SESR but I would think it’s the same for all models of the MG4. So everything is powered down and car is charging, you are sat in the car and wondering what the level of charge is ok, so you just push the...
  11. D

    Different puddle underneath on newish ‘23 Trophy?

    I noticed today that I had a fair old puddle and trail leading from it on the driveway. Immediately thought of the good ol’ reduction gearbox and breather not being magically fixed in the newer models but…I think it’s actually coming front the front? I’ve put down some cardboard to see what I’m...
  12. H

    MG4 battery

    Hi, I've been searching whether the MG4 EV battery is liquid cooled but unable to find the answer. Does anyone know please? Thanks
  13. A

    Interior trim

    So picked my Dynamic red Trophy up from GlynHopkin Cambridge on Tuesday. Had a message from salesman with video of "a few alterations", here we go I think 🤔 Just wants my approval of different trim that none of the branch have seen before. They have no idea how it has happened but this trim is...
  14. MG4London

    Blending tinted windows back to front in MG4

    We got the whole car tinted and made a Vlog here
  15. JDMB

    Two weeks in ….

    Only pulling your leg, @bowfer . 😁 Car’s still great though 👍
  16. greentangerine

    iSmart binding

    Picked up my new orange Trophy on Saturday (p/x for MG5) and all great apart from I can't get to the end of the binding process. I've followed all the possible options posted both here and on other forums i.e delete and re-install app, give app location permission, factory reset the car, try...
  17. X

    Charging door pin

    Hi, I broke the charging door pin when struggling to close it during the cold weather earlier on in the year. I have since learned by my mistake but I would really like to fix it without having to spend hundreds on an entirely new door. The charging door pin is actually a removable part which...
  18. A

    I really like my Trophy

    I see all the comments on here about the Born and others et al. I really rate my MG4 Trophy, sure there are a couple of niggles some of which are minor and repairable some of which I will have to put up with (everything in life has a compromise) and bearing in mind that this is not a Rolls Royce...
  19. S

    Alarm system switch off on ferries?

    I was leafing through my paper MG4 manual (thanks Sloucher!) but couldn't find how to switch off the alarm system to avoid it going off on a bumpy crossing. Portsmouth to Wooton Creek was fine, but given I've crossed the channel bouncing out of my bunk on a ferry (let alone in a number of...
  20. M

    I love how function over form the MG4 spray nozzles are

    They literally just poking above the window gutter. I mean honestly for the price sure if it shaves off a few quid. I just thought it was mildly interesting. N.b, this car is so hard to clean, and keep clean.
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