mg4 ev

The MG4 EV is a battery electric small family car (C-segment) produced by the Chinese automotive manufacturer SAIC Motor under the British MG marque. First released in June 2022 as the MG Mulan in China, it is the first vehicle to be based on SAIC's battery electric Modular Scalable Platform (marketed as the Nebula platform in China). It was introduced in Europe as the MG4 EV in July 2022. It is also assembled and marketed in Thailand as the MG4 Electric since November 2022.

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  1. C

    Overcharging beyond 100% ???

    I have an MG4 standard SE Electricity Tariff is 29.61 per kWh (rubbish - I already know) Last night I used my Podpoint homecharger app set on a schedule of 4.5hrs, while also having my MG app set to just manually charge at the same time - usually just use the MG App as never any issues with it...
  2. stevie211

    Who has been naughty

    Just seen this on Twitter
  3. T

    Wireless charging my phone

    Hi. I only got my MG4 today, it's a long range Trophy. How do I get the wireless charging phone to work?
  4. Robbiesox

    MG4 service plan

    I’ve received a quote from my dealer for a service plan for three annual services and the first MOT for the cost of £471.39. What does everybody think, it’s sounds expensive to me because I thought ev sevicng would be cheaper because no oil change, filters etc
  5. D

    Resonating bass cabin noise when driving

    Hey, first of all . My native language is Dutch so sorry in advance for spelling errors. I have the MG4 Lux 2023 model and I have driven almost 5000 km with it and I am very happy with the car. But only 1 thing is very annoying. When I am driving on a well paved road (asphalt) it is fine. But...
  6. A

    Company Car

    Just ordered my next company car MG4 Trophy ER in Volcano Orange. Was between this and the XPower. Daily commute is 150 mile round trip mainly 70mph. I get free charging at work and all-star sites. Hoping the increased range will meet my high milage driving. Work insisted on full EV...
  7. S

    MG X Power

    Thanks for accepting me into your group. I bought my first EV 4 weeks ago. It’s a green Mg 4 X-Power. Over the years I’ve owned some quick cars including 5 Imprezas, but I'm still very impressed by the X-Power. I have bought an 18” space saver wheel along with jack and tools with a wheel cover...
  8. QLeo

    Goth Leo in the snow

    Well, that was an interesting morning. TL;DR - I'm glad we got the all-season tyres we did late last year. There didn't seem to be much snow this morning, but I had to take a parcel the 6 miles to the post office. There are several steep sections in the hills along the single-track road around...
  9. salty

    MG4 Exhaust. 🤣

    Anyone fancy an Exhaust for their MG4? Stumbled upon this. 🤣 Do you think they'll sell many? 🤔
  10. meveringham

    Enormous depreciation?

    I bought my MG4 LR 18 months ago for £28.5k with £7k down, so £21.5k credit to pay + about £3.8k interest over 36 months (7%), £15k guaranteed at the end. Asked for a settlement fee the other day, 18 months in, and that was £19.5k. Can't find an offer over £20k anywhere for the car, so...
  11. C

    MG4 Essence Apple Wallet Digital Key

    I’ve purchased an MG4 Essence from Perth, Aus. Apart from continuing to troubleshoot multiple tech issues, one question I had, which Google doesn’t answer is: Is the Aus MG4 Essence compatible with Apple Wallet for the Digital Key? This is my Plan B as the iSMART app is 2 star at most and...
  12. R

    iSmart App - Not Binding - Help

    Since the upgrade of the iSmart app before Christmas, I have been unable to Bind my MG ZS EV. I have deleted and reloaded the app, Switched my iPhone off and restarted all to no avail.... Any ideas would be gratefully received....
  13. B

    MG4 ER - serious fault after 7 days

    Hi My MG4 ER was delivered 7 days ago. Minor issues from the start - CarPlay not working, can’t bind to app but driving ok. Last night when leaving work the system error message pops up and says take to a dealership. Then changes to HV Battery shut off. Car won’t move from neutral so can’t...
  14. S

    Saris Bone 3 on Mg4 experience seeking...

    Anyone had experience with rear bike rack on their MG4? Spoiler edition? I just got the car on Monday this week. And still learning about ev. I had done extensive research about installing rear bike rack on the MG4 from members here and from the internet before I made my purchase. I am all...
  15. A

    MG4 towbar warranty

    Having bought a MG4 trophy and need a towbar fitted, on phoning around my local MG dealers all say they don't fit towbars and should go to a specialist towbar installer. After speaking to an installer they said the towbar would be a witter and an universal wiring kit (including bypass) because...
  16. Bricktop X PWR

    MG4 X Power Roll Call.

    Just a bit of fun Chaps. (Any Chapesses?) If you want to add your vehicle and any modifications you have carried out that would be great. I am genuinely interested to see what you have done (or not done) to your cars.👍 My car is in Racing Green which I adore, and is a fascinating colour to...
  17. Alexa

    MG charging card

    Hi guys, do any of you have a charging card from MG? I'm getting mine in the post next week, and as I've bought an XPower I'm getting a starting credit of 2000 euros (pounds ... 1710 ;-) in addition to the discount and the promotion for buying an XPower, for your information: all in all I got a...
  18. Yorkshire Hillbilly

    BP Gigahub (Birmingham NEC) Hypercharging, MG4 says no

    Just had the most bizarre and infuriating moment while trying to charge my MG4 I pulled into the exact same bay I used 2 days prior on my way to friend's house, only this time I was on my way home. The car totally refused to charge. I tried using the BP app, BP tried manually starting the...
  19. KMC

    MG4 Managing Expectations

    In November 2023 my wife took the plunge and ordered the Trophy LR, following my advice to order the one with “all the toys on it”. I love cars and although I'm not “wealthy”, in 2003 I was the first in the UK according to BMW to order Dakar yellow on my convertible M3 individual. BMW said “I...
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