Best Home Charger Choices ? -So many negative app reviews :(


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Aug 15, 2021
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If your thinking of buying the mini pro, make sure it will communicate with the mg, there only seems to be a few chargers on the market that work with MG.
we had an Ohme fitted to work with our ZS, which during 2020 was great on the agile tariff, but we did have a lot of problems with the Ohme tripping the supply and generally not working as advertised.
So last week we had our hypervolt delivered, just need to fit when the armoured Lan cable turns up. ( the ohme is going to go in the bin!)
as for untethered, I think you might get a bit fed up of having to get the cable out of the bag then plug-in, charge, then coiling it up, put it back in the bag, etc just think what it’s going to be like during winter!
when you have a tethered all you do is uncoil and plug-in, then in the morning just unplug and coil up (I can coil ours up and get it on the hook without touching the cable.)
i will you a £5 for you Ohme.
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