Dead 12v battery


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Was out yesterday on an 80 mile drive. Left with battery fully charged and returned with about 80 miles left.
Powered off and locked doors. Don’t believe I left anything switched on.
This morning neither fob or door button worked, so opened door with key. (key is inside fob)
Checked 12v battery, which only had 3v. After charging 12v for an hour all was back to ‘normal’.
Only extra to add is I had the software Comfort update put on last week.
Any ideas on what could have drained the battery?
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Mark Holmes

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I wouldn’t like to speculate, I’ve heard of people with drained batteries, but it’s never happened to me.
I would simply double check that everything is turning off when you switch off next.


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Just checked that light only goes out when boot fully closed. If open the warning when stop/start pressed isn’t obvious. It’s just a glowing boot on the dash. Should be similar to leaving lights on. Can’t tell if that was the problem as it’s been opened/closed since last night. Boot not closed properly is a good call though.


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It could do with a switch on it so it can be turned off altogether.
I might put an LED bulb in mine, less power draw if it stays on then.
I bought a volt meter that plugs into the 12v socket, I have had the low 12v come up a few times.
I noticed the voltage drops when the aux is used, charges when the green ready is on

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