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Sep 17, 2023
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Norfolk UK
Had my new HS Plug in Trophy that I was told in dealer was top of the range with all the bells and whistles! But it seems there is no front parking sensors and the 360 cameras have to be manually switched on that is not helpful when parking front on!
To be honest the dealer was pretty clueless this car . Is this correct or am I missing something that needs setting? Cannot believe that a brand new model does not have a simple front parking sensor that every car I have owned has had?
Also if there is a 360 camera why is there no facility on the display scree to plug in a simple sim to record??
Anyone with any ideas?
There nothing to switch on you have the switch for the 360 camera which is a manual switch to help in parking you will not have sunroof but i think you have the electric tail gate. You also get a more up to date information screen which is better than my one.
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Thanks , no sun roof. Seems stupid that you have to stop and manually switch to 360 before you park? Wonder if the onboard computer can be re programmed?
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Of course you have to stop then switch on the 360 cameras you do not want then coming on at the wrong time, the rear view one comes on when you select reaves, can see why you need them until need them.
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At low speed when approaching a static object like a wall or post a sensor should warn you like on any other car, if you have a 360 camera what is the problem with this doing the same especially when no front parking sensor is included on this so called top of the range vehicle?
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Did you read the specs yourself.
Unfortunately we were sold it by the dealer who assured us it had every bell and whistle! Didn’t disbelieve him as I have never bought a new car without front and rear parking sensors as standard.
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you did not read the specs and if you did you would see that there are no front sensors, should take what a sales person says always do you home work.
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It is a bit of an odd omission but every penny saved.......
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