Fully Charged's Robert Llewellyn gets behind the wheel of the MG ZS EV


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I don't think that was his intention, ive watched it many times, he's passionate about EV cars...I think he was just doing a jokey review.....IMO...... I've even bought his book!

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Do you know what I love my car and I don’t care about these review the proof is in the pudding; drive it for yourself and make your own judgement calls. I’ve gone from a Volvo XC90 to this MG and trust me I am really happy with it and it will save me a shed load of money compared to my Volvo...it’s a really good comfortable car.


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Much easier to manoeuvre and park I bet.....plus virtually no fuel bills or road tax!

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I felt the same after replacing my BMW X1 with my MG. I used to put in £80 worth of diesel every few weeks!! I hated that! ( I've also changed the rear number plate, for a full sized one now...the small one looked daft on the MG).

My MG would also "run rings" around my BM, in a traffic light Grand Prix....another bonus. 😁
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I agree the charging port is annoying to use at night and in the wind and rain. Trust me I've been there with my phone torch out trying to get the plugs back in! However if it hadn't been the amazing value of the MG I would still be driving an ICE. No other ev matches on space for cost.

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