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MG EV owners - did you research here before buying your MG?

Did you come here to research before committing to buy your MG?

  • Yes, I came here to research about MG EVs before buying my car

    Votes: 113 31.9%
  • No, I came here before buying but not to research anything specific about the car

    Votes: 10 2.8%
  • No, I purchased my MG and then came here

    Votes: 219 61.9%
  • Yes, I came here to research, but I haven't purchased, yet

    Votes: 9 2.5%
  • No, I have no interest in MG EVs

    Votes: 3 0.8%

  • Total voters

Stuart Wright

Staff member
Aug 7, 2019
Reaction score
Birmingham, UK
Not an MG
This poll is primarily for people who own or who have owned an MG EV and I'm wondering whether you came here to do some research before committing to buy your MG or whether you found this site after purchasing.
Please vote in the poll.
I had been checking out different EV's but no forums wand went to a dealership just for a look but they had a 5 in stock and on 0% so I signed up for a PCP. They didn't really know much about charging etc and suggested looking for a forum. This one has been great.
I'd seen ads and reviews about the MG4 when I was looking for a new car (to replace my company car that was going back as I was retiring). As I fancied an EV, and the MG4 suited my needs, I went looking for a suitable forum to learn more, found here and the rest is history. :)
I was interested in getting an EV and saw the press reviews. I managed to get a test drive a couple of days after the release and ordered then and there. I found and joined this forum 4 days later.
Ordered mine , then thought I should find out about what I'd done. Watched everyone having oil leaks etc. Had second thoughts but eventually took delivery and guess what? The cars been better than I expected.
I like to do my homework and forums like this help in finding out what owners say about their cars. To be honest I wanted another new EV (As my partner and I have had 2 Renault Zoe's the 2013 one was always in the garage for something but my 2018 one was faultless) This is something I now worry about the MG4 the model is only a year old will this always be in the garage? I hope not but as I its a lease vehicle (Salary Sacrifice that is a bit better peace of mind as although I am spending my hard earned money on the lease payments the worry is not there as much as it would be if I had bought it on a PCP / HP Agreement)
We ordered the Gen1 ZS EV totally blind really, very little information was available at the time.
The dealers had not even seen it at this point.
We Bly had the ICE version to judge if the size / space would be okay.
I avoided offers of test driving the ICE model, which I think was the right thing to do.
We were one of the first 1,000 early adopters customer orders for the ZS EV.
Secured with a £500 refundable deposit.
We were entitled to the government grant of £3500 and MG matched the government grant of another £3500.
This made the deal a “No Brainer” TBH.
We had our first test drive only a few days after the dealer received their demo model in about July 2019 ???.
Our car arrived out of the blue the week before Xmas 2019.
We collected it in the first week of 2020.
Upgraded to the Gen2 Trophy LR in March 2022.
This forum started when the only EV offered by MG was the original ZS EV.
Now it is populated by all of the MG PHEV / EV models and has become the “Go To” place for advice / help and information for current and any perspective future owners.
Well done to the Stuart / Miles and all of the gang of behind the scenes.
Also all the contributions made by all of the members of course.

Are you enjoying your MG4?

  • Yes

    Votes: 361 80.0%
  • I'm in the middle

    Votes: 59 13.1%
  • No

    Votes: 31 6.9%
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