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MG HS EV Fast Charging

Debbie Mc

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Oct 26, 2023
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Has anyone experienced the area around the plug in charging point getting hot, when using fast charge. I've had my vehicle for 2 weeks and have noticed this. Took it into the service centre and they've compared with the same model car and explained that the comparison car acted in the same way and that I have nothing to worry about. Apparently, this is normal????
Not used the type 2 connector cable yet as always used the 3pin plug one but would thought its common as with fast charging it produces more heat .Could be wrong but seems logical
If you are talking about the body of the car this from the onboard charger which is just one side of the scocket and is normal. when you say fast charge what speed are you talking about as you can only charge at 3kw maximum.
I was parked alongside a Nissan Leaf at the free carpark charging at the supermarket. Plugged my phev plug in and it was charging at 3.5kW .. Normal. I checked what the Nissan leaf was charging at and it was at 3.5 kW as well. He was plugged into the other plug - not type 2. So Is that as fast as a Nissan Leaf charges ?
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