Our first problem with meg

I don’t know if anyone else has had our problem? But today when setting off on a short journey to the Nissan dealer to look at replacing my E class Merc for a leaf we had a load of dreaded bongs!
Stability control fault
Traction control fault
Auto hold fault
Hill decent control fault
Hill hold unavailable
Auto dip unavailable
pedestrian alert fault
Emergency crash detection fault

Just came out of nowhere a few yards into the trip.

We have tried switching off, left the car at Nissan dealers for an hour whilst looking at a new leaf, still the same when starting back home.
Have also disconnected the 12volt battery for a few minutes, but alas still the same!

Has anybody else experienced this problem and was there a simple fix?
We know that we could call the dealers but wondered if the collective could have an answer to a quick fix.


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Just check the voltage of the 12v battery, a failing battery can throw up all sorts of weird faults and a few cars have had bad batteries.

With the car turned off, the battery should show 12.6v to 12.8v, if it's down around 12v or less it's toast.
thanks for your reply Paulie

I will be honest, that should of been my first check and i totally agree with you, should of checked that!
Im not near the car atm but will report back with the voltage as soon as i can


Interestingly I had something very similar to that with the demo car when I went for the test drive 😂 as it was only a short round about drive I, probably unwisely, ignored it.. after about 2 mins down the road the warnings stopped, so it's making me think that it also could be 12v battery related as the HV battery was putting juice into the 12v
I’ve just got back to the car and the static voltage with everything off is 12.5 volts, so yes on the border line but surely turning it on should start to charge the 12 volt over 13-14volts, as it was getting dark I didn’t check when car switched on.
But on the cars volt meter when turned on was showing 12 1/2.
We will put the car on charge overnight to see if that sorts the faults.
Best thought I’d update this thread.....
Mrs S went into work today, she said on the way in she had the dreaded bongs and warnings as op, but when she parked up, switched off then back on again they had gone.
Will wait and see till she gets back home and report back here.
Second update......
She is back from work, when she set off this morning at an unholy hour she said the warnings and bongs were still there, but didn’t affect the drive in at all, but when she got to the staff car park she noticed all the warnings had gone.
So to make sure she switched it off, left it for a moment then switched back on to ready and all the warnings had gone.
When she got back from work, I had a look for myself and yep every warning has gone from the dash board and in the dash menu!

All we did was plug in overnight with the price per kilowatt set to 9p so we ended up with 21kwh extra in the hv battery
The Gom was indicating at 60 miles, (before plugged in!) we normally plug in when on 30-40 range or a very cheap tariff no matter what the Gom says!

So god knows what happened, get your guesses in! 🤬

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