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Hi wondered if anyone else was having these issues?
I have a reasonably up to date phone, its a OnePlus6, on android. There is no difficulty bluetoothing it to my MG and using it to listen to Spotify. Should someone call me again no difficulty picking up the call. But, it rarely displays the callers ID even though they are in my address book. More annoyingly SMS messages are rarely shown on screen when they come in and WhatsApp messages never. Also I was hoping it would be possible to use voice recognition so I could speak a reply to text messages whilst driving, but not so I'm afraid.
Is it the car, the phone, or me!?
PS All the above is different if I plug in the phone to the car to use Android Auto, but plugging is seems a bit primitive and I always forget!


The Bluetooth system only appears to support HFT (hands free telephone).

Some of your issues may be down to lag on the display, but the more advanced functions need the cable connection.

Mark Holmes

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Hi there,
For caller ID you need to allow the MG to have access to your contacts, have a look in your permission.
For voice texting, calling a number from you contacts or anything else like directing in google maps you need to be connected via cable to android auto I’m afraid, but it’s worth doing....I use it all the time.
Good luck and I hope this helps

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