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May 20, 2022
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Hampshire Waterlooville
Had my 2022 ZS EV long Range Trophy Connect in for its first year service on Tuesday 26th at Richmond Portsmouth. I requested to update software to clear problem of the "Arrange Service Soon" message coming up every 600-700 miles. Low and behold 2 days later that message has come up again. While it is easy enough to reset, it should not be repeating itself every 600 miles or so. Contacted Richmond today and their service department advise that there are no software updates available for my car. When i mentioned R22 software update is available and Forum members have quoted that as the cure they just kept repeating that there is no software updates available for my car. Can the good and knowledgeable people of the Forum confirm if this update is the one that will cure this problem for this car. I can then advise them of this when it is checked in for examination on the 16th November... Earliest date that they can book it in.
Many Thanks, David
I've had this for three years, My 2020 has never had an update in all that time, I ask them every year at service time if there are any updates available & they say none available for my car!!!
The dealer needs to contact MG head office to obtain this update as it's only for Trophy Connects. The update is very real and they are just being inefficient.
Have contacted MG customers Services regarding the above, They advise requesting the service department at Richmond to open a "Technical Case" via the dealer portal so that MG technicians can assist to resolve the problem.
Have passed this information on to Richmond who have replied that they can only do so while the vehicle is on site (16th November) as they need proof that a fault exists and they have to send live readings to MG. So i will not be deleting the message as i normally do until they have seen it.
What puzzles me is that this fault is quite common and has been around for well over a year as other Forum members have commented on. Am i the only one of Richmond MG Portsmouth customers to have this problem. Also the message appeared 2 days after the 1st service which leads me to think that the service reset was not done as part of the service. If it had been reset it would not have occurred again for another 600 miles...
To finish on a positive note, apart from the above, the ZS has been a great car to drive and the boot is ideal size to take my wife's wheelchair or electric mobility scooter...
Hello, I also have this message, and some others like :
  • the welcome voice when starting the car. Every week, instead of a nice welcome with the actual date & weather conditions, the car is saying date is Jan 1st 2019. Do you know if there is a way to skip it or deactivate it ?
  • the car sometimes desactivate ACC (car detection) without any reason. I have to park and restart the car.
Despite these messages/errors, tis car MG ZS EV is a really nice car !!!
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