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Well, the one thing I don't like about the zs, it's the lack of a trailer hitch. Being able to haul a small trailer would have been nice. 750kg trailer weight is plenty, and would let the zs be the only car I drive.
But as I use a trailer 4-5 times a year (yeah, i know, not mutch), I still need another car to haul that with.

But then again, we kept the Panda for that reason, and additionally the missus can have a car the 2-3 times a month when she wants to take a tripp to town while i am at work. 😁
(During the pandemic even less of that ofcourse)

What’s the trailer for, out of interest?


Totally agee!!

It's a nice car, comfortable driving, well equipped, it suited my budget, best entry level eSUV and range is not a problem, mainly, on short trips here in Costa Rica.

Some software bugs but nothing to regret, just enjoy your eZS!!
After seeing a lot of issues being raised with the ZS EV, I thought it would be good to redress the balance a bit. There are problems with every EV out there. For example:
  • i3, IPace and others not charging on some CCS Rapids.
  • Audi Etron getting 2.5mi/kWh or less.
  • Peugeot E208 shipping with the driver aids. (ACC) completely missing. The parking assist has now been deleted from all models for this year!
  • And of course, Nissan Leafs cooking on rapid charge.
Yes I know the bongs are/were annoying, the delayed charge took some sorting out and MGUK could be a better in supporting dealers and customers with updates, but at least fundamentally the car works. Even the range seems close to what was claimed.

Let’s post what’s good about our cars here, and maybe have a little dig at all the others while we’re at it! ?


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can i ask how much the sub install cost (did you do it yourself?) and what level of tint you went for (and cost of that as well, did you just do the rear Windows or sunroof as well?)
I have all 8 windows done on our car, the lack of tint on the windows has been the biggest downside to the car so far. But I guess we now have the coolest MG in Denmark 😅


I wouldn't buy a second car for that purpose alone, but the trade in value of the Panda isn't that much, so we rather keep it instead. But if the zs could haul a 750kg trailer, it would fulfill my needs completely


Due to COVID 18, I’ve only covered 10,000 miles in 10 months of ownership.

It’s been back to the dealer twice. Back in December 19 for BMS update and July for 2nd Generation Comfort System update & wiring loom to drivers door.

I’ve not had any issues with the car other than user error!

As most of you are aware I wasn’t happy with the suspension so I’ve been working with Vehicle Handling Solutions Ltd to develop a new set of dampers -I’m doing the road testing, they adjust to how I want the suspension to work. These guys know the EV well as they used to work for SAIC helping develop it.

I think we are probably there now with the development of the Bilstein dampers.

My car is also connected to the internet via OVMS, which is in early alpha software testing at the moment.

I also had tints to all side & rear windows.

Other than that it is standard! I still enjoy driving it.

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I’m over 10000 miles now and loving my car with no problems over than the self inflicted accident, poor driving attention on my part, and the radio signal issue that was fixed very quickly. Here’s to many more years of happy motoring in my MG or newer versions if I upgrade...I strongly believe this brand will get bigger and better.

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