Will the MG Marvel R come to the UK?

Jul 5, 2021
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Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics. UK
Manufacturers depend on market research data for the business decision. That could explain why MG5 was introduced in UK before Europe. Similarly market research data would have lead to decision regarding MG Marvel R. I find MG fairly eager to introduce new models and sell more cars in UK.
MG has not denied plans to introduce Marvel R in UK. I would not be surprised if they are working on plans to mass produce RHD Marvel R.
My opinion is that MG product strategy in UK is spot on, they have introduced products at price points where there is no competition( budget small SUV and estate EVs).

I doubt if politics are driving these decisions.
LeoRBK, I totally agree with your synopsis of the business decisions taken by MG (SAIC) but you would be totally naive to believe the decisions were not vetted by the CCP. If those business decisions, as logical as they are, had in anyway been contrary to the political aims of the CCP they would not have been allowed. Everything that comes out if China currently is politically skewed.
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