ZS- EV Floor mats and 5m 32amp cable - NOW SOLD


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Hi all,

I hope this is allowed, I have recently had my MG ZS-EV written off after only 1200 miles, due to an accident that was my not my fault, as a result I have a type 2 charging cable (MG supplied) and a set of 4 mats (MG ones) that are as new.

Happy to do a deal on the lot or let me know if you want one or the other.

Prefer collection (I am in Birmingham UK) or can post at your cost.

Do you know where your car was taken as I am interested in buying the drivers seat.




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The control buttons would be on the wrong side of the seat wouldn’t they.....??
Hi Mark,

Are you getting confused with another thread about another member who was asking if the LHD version of the MG ZS EV drivers seat could replace a front passenger seat of a UK MG ZS EV and the answer I believe is most probably yes.

The only possible problem I could see is that of the wiring as the UK passenger seat only has a heating function (note we are ONLY talking about the Exclusive Model) and therefore there might be a problem powering the electric motors for the seat adjusters but I am sure this would easily be solved.

Now lets look at WHERE the seat controls would be on a LHD drivers seat, they would be on the LHS of the seat therefore when fitted where the passenger seat on a UK model they WILL be accessible and NOT inaccessible because of the centre consul as the original member was thinking. His mindset and most likely yours are thinking of where the controls are on a RHD Drivers seat, think about it and put yourself in a LHD MG ZS EV!!!!


This thread is me asking (as I have an excite model) the owner of the recently written off UK model where the car has gone so I could hopefully buy his driver seat for my car!!! Which would replace my drivers seat without any major problems other that getting power to the motors and heating elements.

As I have retrimmed my fabric seats in red/black leather I would also have to change that as well but the seat squab is just an in/out replacement. Rear of the seat would be a bit more difficult but not unsurmountable, just peel off the fake leather and replace it with my retrimmed rear which also can just peel off (I watched how the upholstery guy took off the fabric cover.


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