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Jun 26, 2022
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Hi there. On the Podcast, Miles mentioned an announcement from MG for price and feature changes for the ZS EV. Is there a source for this? I can't find one online, I just want to be able to reference it when talking to friends.

Also, i'm not sure how it was on the Podcast (His name is just numbers on the Zoom call recording, yellow shirt) that mentioned it, but using the ZS EV as a home battery by using the V2L capability of the car. This is very interesting! Is there any discussion on this anywhere? Anyone tried it yet? (With A ZS or another V2L car?)
This subject has been covered brilliantly by @Nutnut .
I will include a quick photo of his work.


The person you refer to on the forum and the pod cast is @Les burrows .
V2L is available on the face lift model of the latest ZS EV.
You will require the correct adapter/ cable to access this feature.
Yes I have one and yes it works.
You can power electrical devices rated at just over 2 kilowatts from the car.
V2G is a completely different system.
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Hi there is quite a few videos on YT about the V2L one guy there did a wash and tumble dry off his ZS battery only dropped about 4/5% I think it was, and there’s another one where ZS again ran 2 fan heaters and that was he said over 3kw but I’m Dubious about that,yet the car is said to give up to 2.2kw just put V2L in the search bar in YT box and you will find them.
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If you need a point of reference for pricing, keep an MG's website from the date stated above. I wouldn't expect a big announcement...I don't think there was one when they did the last increase in April.
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