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    Auto door Locking

    I tend to read important bits like how to get in and out. 😉
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    Auto door Locking

    Page 132 of the manual. 🤓
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    MG sales

    How many left is delayed by a quarter. I saw this elsewhere for U.K. Note how the MG outsold KIA Niros including PHEV. Not bad. Tesla and MG are the only companies with increased U.K. sales YTD (SMMT). Coronavirus and lockdown have distorted things wildly but with the ZSEV, new models and...
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    Have an expected date!

    Grrrrr There is some truth in what they said, many water based paints are softer than old horrid to the planet paint systems. HOWEVER, that is all the more reason to wash And dry it properly! I’m afraid I ask for the car not to be washed at all now.
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    Phone Connectivity

    The Bluetooth system only appears to support HFT (hands free telephone). Some of your issues may be down to lag on the display, but the more advanced functions need the cable connection.
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    One week to go...

    Welcome and congratulations. It may be worth a quick call to the dealers to confirm that all the updates and ‘comfort 2’ Are installed. It’ll save a trip back later and a lot of hassle. Leasing can make sorting things out later more involved.
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    Tesla chargers v the rest

    Some Tesla rapids appear to have a ‘bug’ that gives free charge to non-Teslas. I’m not convinced it’s not just a stunt to get publicity and raise the prospect of opening up their network to paying customers of other EVs.
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    1st time public charge.

    AC charging unlocked is as a result of the latest BMS update, not Comfort 2.
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    Comfort 3 update needed

    All quite wishful thinking: Battery info screen (Volts and Amps) to show Watts instead of RPM. Since it’s a nerdy screen: Battery temperature?
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    Apple CarPlay

    Best thing I did was get the phone to ‘forget’ the car and start again. Not had a problem since.
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    Locking Wheel Nuts

    Other than the one that’s already in there?
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    The grass isn’t always greener

    Just to add after a month and a trip to the dealer to get the latest module updates: this car is good. it goes as far as I need between charges. It carries the people and dogs and things I need it to. It’s quiet and lovey to drive. It’s red. It charges when I want it to and I can unlock the...
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    Hello from Austria

    Happy New Car Day to all!
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