1. Severnless

    The great big insurance rip off

    Sorry about not Being on here for a while, but I really need to rant a bit! :oops: Back story My Partner bought her ZS back in 2020 when they were offering some serious discounts that couldn’t be ignored, she purchased using PCP which neither of us have ever done, but thinking long term it...
  2. T

    MG4 some basic (I hope!) questions....

    Hi - I'm just about to buy a new MG4 Long Range Trophy spec EV on a 0% PCP. I hope someone can help me out with a couple of questions: 1) I've never had a PCP. Just to confirm, at the end of the PCP if I decide to hand the car back (assuming no damage or extra mileage) I can walk away at no...
  3. O

    PCP or cash?

    Whilst here on hols, I called in at a MG dealer to ask a couple of questions I was finding difficult to translate to my French dealer. On asking about UK deliveries , the reply was , No problems , they are arriving all the time. Is there a preference for PCP customers or outright buyers? Reply ...
  4. R

    New owner dynamic red!

    Just finished negotiating a price for a new dynamic red se. £300/m which is what I'm paying for my golf. Added bonus of free charging can't wait! Pick up is on tues. The trophy was sadly outside my price range.
  5. Spinynorman

    PCP ending - what’s the best way to swap for new?

    Hello folks I have a Mk 1 ZS EV exclusive with a very low mileage - about 1,400, bought new 3 years ago on PCP. I now have the option to return it and owe nothing - start again in other words, or pay the outstanding £12000 odd and buy it outright. I’ve been considering a renewal for a new Mk 2...
  6. Miles Roberts CG

    Looking for an MG EV for quick delivery?

    We've got over 30 used, pre-registered and ex-demonstrator MG EVs available from our Chorley and Burnley branches. Click here for the current stock...
  7. Miles Roberts CG

    New 0% APR PCP offers for MG4 - from £49/month!?

    Hi all, We've got some new 0% APR PCP offers available on the MG4. These are 24 month PCPs, based on 6k miles per annum, and a minimum deposit of 30% of the vehicle price. Examples: MG4 LR SE List Price: £29,495.00 Chorley Group Price: £28,894.25 Customer Deposit: £10,000.00 24 Payments...
  8. R

    Increase mileage on PCP

    Just wondering if anyone has increased the millage on a PCP before. We’re using ours more than we expected and from the quotes on new it looks like around half the cost to do it from new compared with paying the extra millage cost at the end of the PCP (which is quite high against other...
  9. Pazmeister

    PCP Deals

    Looking at pcp deal on the MG4....dealership offering 8.9%, just found out about Forza finance an independent broker and they are offering a rate of 7.4% on same terms etc. they use Santander has anyone used them before trustworthy etc??
  10. T

    What I thought PCP was not PCP, anyone in the same situation?

    I just realised that what I signed was not PCP but personal loan with guaranteed price after 48months. At the time of the purchase I was clearly told that I have options to return the car, or pay balloon payment or part exchange the car. It is also not very clear what this loan is called, but I...
  11. B

    MG4 PCP Expiry Date.

    I signed up to purchase my MG4 on 27th December on a PCP Agreement. I have subsequently been told by the dealer that the expiry date for this PCP expires on 27th March 2023. And that they are endeavouring to get the car delivered by then. But that if it is not, then that PCP Agreement would need...
  12. E

    PCP or Lease MG4 EV - high mileage?

    Hi all, I've test drove the MG4 EV and really enjoyed it and want one. Now I'm in two minds on what to do based on my situation, I need a car as currently car sharing with my partner which isn't sustainable for another year. I hybrid work (sadly no company car offers/benefits) and rack up...
  13. M

    PCP Interest Rates

    Hi all, My partner and I have placed an order with our local MG dealer for a Trophy in Volcano Orange. We are both new to PCP and EVs as a whole. The offer we’ve been given is with 7.9% APR interest, over 48 months. Works out at around £400 per month. I’m just wondering if that’s a good rate...
  14. Sloucher

    PCP Interest Rates

    I'm confused over interest rates, I hope someone with better financial knowledge can advise. MG currently offer PCP at 4.09% fixed rate p.a. They also quote 7.9% APR. Does 4.09% fixed rate p.a. equate to be the same as 7.9% APR over 48 months then? Lloyds Bank offer 4.8% APR over 48 months. I...
  15. Alun26

    PCP change of dealer?

    Hi, I’m really considering changing from my current ZS ICE to the 5 but I still have 1 year to go on my 4 year PCP and was wondering if a different dealer would arrange for the finance to be settled when I give the car back or do I have to go to the dealer that it came from? The reason I would...
  16. defeatedbythecat

    Pulling out of a PCP deal before the car has arrived?

    The car that was due early next month is now due late November and I have managed to find the same model available at a different dealership where it's physically in stock. I know it's likely to annoy the dealer, but aside from losing my deposit, is there any other financial penalty I might...
  17. defeatedbythecat

    Changing Mileage for PCP

    I've got a MG5 coming in October and have signed the PCP agreement for 8k miles a year. However I have a feeling that this might be a little tight once my wife starts using the car for work. About 300 mile a year margin of error. Am I in a position to change the PCP agreement before delivery...
  18. Miles Roberts CG

    MG HS PHEV Exclusive - £299/month with 0% APR PCP Finance

    We've got some fantastic offers on the MG HS PHEV currently. You can get the top-of-the-range Exclusive model for just £299 per month, based on 6,000 miles per annum with 0% APR PCP finance. New MG HS Plug-In Exclusive - 48 Month Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Example Cash Price £28,379.50...
  19. Miles Roberts CG

    Deal Agreed MG5 SW EV Exclusive - £319/month 0% APR PCP

    This fantastic longer-range EV is available for just £319 per month, with a £319 deposit, based on 0% APR PCP finance with 8,000 miles per annum (need more mileage? Ask for a quote!). New MG5 EV Exclusive - 48 Month Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Example On-The-Road Cash Price after PICG...
  20. Alun26

    Affinity and PCP

    Hi does anyone know if you can still purchase the MG5 through the Affinity discount and take advantage of the current PCP 0% offer? Cheers Gareth
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