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Jan 31, 2021
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Aldershot, England
I applied and paid for a BP Pulse (Chargmaster) home charger to be installed on 1st Feb 2021.
The device was finally installed on 26th April.
Had to have meter box inspected by SSE engineer and he replaced 60a main fuse with 100a.
Second electrical engineer visited to install 100a breaker in the meter box.
Finally BP engineer visited to install the charger.

It’s all working well, but only seems to be charging my MG5 at 16/17 Amps, but need to run the car down to 20% to see if it will charge at 32 amp as purchased.

One thing that I have been pushing BP to fix is the Smartcharge app and web site login. They provisioned my account using the wrong email address so I could not login, until today 10th June 😀. Has taken 6 weeks if emailing their tech support team for this to be changed.

So now very happy to see the history of my charges since charger was installed. The device does not use my home WiFi so must have a built in 3G data card. All the data must be streamed to the BP Pulse server automatically.

Wonder what BP does with all the charging data ? Do the sell it to 3rd parties ?

How long before they charge customers a monthly fee to pay for the 3G data and storage etc ?
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