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Dave S

As I have said in previous forum threads, I'm loving this car now, and I can only excuse what I did on Tuesday of this week, as an act of "spreading the love!"

In Inverness, heading out the old Beauly Road, I saw a red MG ZS coming toward me. I can't say for sure if it was an EV, as it was hard to see the wheel trims, which are about the only way to differentiate from the front or side approaches. Easier from the rear, obvz!!

But then, he and I, simultaneously waved to one-another? Now that's a common practice up here on single track roads or if someone has shown some road-use consideration towards me. But never just because we were twins!!!

Have we started the equivalent of all the mobile home drivers waving to each other? "Spreading the love!"


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I spontaneously waved at a ZS coming towards me the other day (again, unsure if it was an EV or not) he didn’t respond and probably wondered if I’d mistaken him for someone else. My wife asked “who was that?” and promptly p*ssed herself laughing when I explained that is was an involuntary gesture of comradeship!


I’ll do my best to wave as I’m in London most of the time, mine is black look out for me...
Also live in London and haven't seen another on the road yet. On way home from south coast last weekend was passed on the M3 by a Dynamic Red ZS who gave me the thumbs up as he he passed by - we have the Pimlico blue so its easy to spot its the electric version. Will look out for your black one.


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Is it not an old habit from by gone years in the MG fraternity. I have an MGTF and we always wave and flash our headlights at other pre 2004 MGs With 99% returned gesture. My wife also thinks i am bonkers. I have often been driving the Kia Sportage and waved and flashed and it took me a while to wonder why they didn’t reciprocate. Doh!
MGers are a friendly lot.



In days of yore there were drivers of several makes of cars who always waved or acknowledged each other. I remember that MG and VW Beetle drivers in particular did this. There was also a salute from AA patrols (on motor cycles) to members.........that custom stopped the month I joined the AA!!!


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Saluting originated from being a signal to warn vehicle owners of a speed trap up ahead, illegal to do this now.


We've seen 2/3 in London, and waved. No reply as yet, but it might be because They were flying past in sport mode...
Live in Paddington and there's a red ICE version parked near by but today saw my first ZS EV in London - dynamic red parked not far away. Hi there!

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