MG ZS EV Test Drive


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Today I had my test drive in the Excite, only demo car at the dealer Unity Automotive, Warwickshire. As stated in my hello section I was nervous how I would cope with one foot driving. No need it was so easy. My reaction WOW,what a car. After 50yrs being a petrol head every this from RS cosworths to abarths, electric is the way to go.
Its so responsive and the KERS was so good only time I touched the brakes was to come to a complete stop. The driving position was excellent controls easy to use.
Being a OAP it suits me down to the ground, I will invest in home charger etc.
Outcome, paid deposit, for the exclusive in pimlico blue I think the extra cost is well worth it. Delivery mid Feb 2020, so may wait to !st March for new reg.

Stuart Wright

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Welcome to the world of EVs! I had pretty much the same experience with the Ioniq two and a half years ago.
I was speaking to the main guy who serviced EVs at Motorfair in Birmingham when my car was having its first service and he said that the brake pads and disks had so little wear that even on a 100,000 mile example, they were fine. That's how little you have to use the brakes.

I would definitely get a home charger. Remember to use the OLEV grant, which puts £500 towards it. You will need the car's VIN, I think to qualify, so you'll have to wait until you've got that info from the dealer.
We got a Podpoint, which was absolutely fine.

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