Picking up my new ZS EV tomorrow - Pod-Point or Rolec?


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Apologise if the question has been answered elsewhere, I've been doing the research, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer.

Am I correct in saying that both Pod-point and Rolec will do delayed / timed charging with the ZS EV? On the assumption that as a new car, all updates have been applied?

Alternatively, get either untethered and buy the Ohme cable?

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I’m not sure hopefully someone who has Pod-Point will answer that for you, or have a look on line at there products. To be honest I would be very surprised if they didn’t....


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Thanks both, didn't matter in the end, the dealer had already signed me up to pod-point. So I'll get untethered and use a Ohme cable. :)


I have a PodPoint tethered Home Charger......Am i correct in thinking that I can't do timed charging to my MG. If not what is the alternative....if there is one? I brought this subect up once before and was almost shot down in flames by a remark that once the BMS update was done there wasn't a problem anymore.

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Possible Alternatives;
1) sonoff WiFi switch.
2) ohme smart cable. (Edit, sorry just noticed your tethered. Maybe not this then.)
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Question - I'd like to go for Rolec if I get the choice due to timed charging via the app. What I don't undertsand is does this charger have a cable built in that's non-removeable (assume this is what's called tethered?) or do I use the free cable that comes with the vehicle under the current offer? Thanks :)


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You're better off with a tethered unit so you don't have to keep getting the cable out of the car to charge. Use the free cable to charge when out and about.


I think I'd go for the Rolec......the PodPoint does have an app so you can't do timed charging......I am finding that out to my cost now.......look like having to have it changed at a later date.


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Screenshot_20200803_203104_com.google.android.apps.docs.jpgHi Folks. I see this is now rather a bit confusing.
So I will try to explain again.
Pod points are wifi enabled and have an app.
I am not sure why there are no app comments in relation to pod point.
The issue is does the pod point app enable timed charging?
Well the answer is no.
Pod Point themselves clearly state this on their website in the solo manual section.
The pod point app does not facilitate time programmable functionality to the wall unit.

Pod Point Wall Unit will however respond to and facilitate delayed charging with any EV that has its own charge scheduling software.
Unfortunately ZS EV has the exact opposite functionality. Delayed charging in the ZS EV following the BMS update only works with a time programmable wall unit or time programmable cable.
I hope the situation is now clear.
So until we convince MG to add charge scheduling to their in car software, if you have a ZS EV you will require a time programmable wall unit or cable.
Pod point solo at present does not fall into this category.
Hope this has clarified this issue.


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I have a Rolec charger. It works with the ev.energy app.
It can do smart charging so that it makes sure the car is charged by a given time.
It can do this in two ways:
  1. Based on using the least amount of CO2 that it can
  2. Based on lower costs via your energy tariffs. So for example if you're using Octopus Energy's agile tariffs it should charge the car outside of peak hours.
You can also override the smart charging if needed.

There is a slight issue for MG ZS cars though where the car will go to sleep if there isn't any power supplied, and not wake up when required. To get around this the ev.energy app will "trickle charge" the car @6A as soon as it's plugged in, only ramping up to full power as per the smart charging. See the ev.energy website for more details. A bit annoying but it's better then nothing :)


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Hi. Following the BMS update the issue of ZS EV not waking up to charge has been resolved.
If you want to check if you have the BMS update, the easiest way will be to use the granny charger plugged into a time programmable home socket plug.
If you have the BMS update then the car will wake up and charge at whatever time you input into the time programmable plug. It works even with the £3- £5 manual ones.
If it doesn't work (assuming ALL connections and settings are right) it means you do not have the BMS update.
All new ZS EV since June 2020 now come with the BMS update already in place.

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