What’s the waiting time if an order placed today?


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I've spoken to a couple of dealers who've confirmed that's what they've been told too.

Stuart Wright

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Guys, I ordered my Ioniq February 2017 and it arrived September. So this is a bit shorter of a wait.
The anticipation makes delivery of the car sweeter, but the wait can be frustrating - especially if you only have an approximate date and it can slip.
At least you have chance to get a charger mounted on your house in advance.


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my excite was ordered in the first week of august and maybe ready nov 30th, your find excite models your get much quicker.
In fact Mg in Swindon have a white one excite and is for sale to anyone at present, cancelled order i believe. You can ring them to check, maybe you could be lucky.
Ask for Paul Wiltshire.