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    Dont worry, SAIC exported over 4000 MG EVs in August, maybe your car was in it
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    HS Facelift…

    SAIC exported 4074 units of EVs in August, including ZS, 5, and HS, it is a new record, but i don't know the sales number to each country.
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    MG zs boot

    IT is not a problem. if the key is close enough to the car, the boot always keeps unlocked. so take the key far away, 100 meters away, or farther, the boot keeps locked
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    MG ZS EV during Monsoon

    上汽名爵EZS 43cm涉水深度无惧北京大暴雨
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    MG ZS EV during Monsoon

    this video may answer your question 名爵 名爵EZS涉水
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    MG Cyberster Concept Going Into Production After Company Hits Crowdfunding Goal

    a good news MG introduced the Cyberster concept at the Shanghai Auto Show and now the company has announced the roadster is going into production after reaching...
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    MG Cyberster at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

    top grade of zs ev, IT is called EZS in china, prices 149.8K CNY,actually, the dealer can give a 10k CNY discount.
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    MG Cyberster at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

    there is a rumor That the price is about 200K CNY, and SAIC will produce if they get 250 orders.
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    MG Cyberster concept full photos

    more details, beautiful
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    MG Cyberster concept full photos

    Where are mirrors? I dont know if it can meet the law without mirrows
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    MG Cyberster concept full photos

    news photos of true car taken by true camera
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    A bit of watery fun with a MG ZS EV!!

    I won't do this, although I know my ZSEV can do
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    BP Chargemaster - Timed Charging issues

    My MG homecharger sometimes stops charging randomly with no reason.
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    Spare Wheel in Australia

    my question is, how to put the full size wheel in to the space, i think IT is too small to fit the wheel
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    MG ZS EV Australia Based Review

    according to china's laws, the name of manufacturer must be badged on the tailgate of cars in chinese characters
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