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    Update from (app for Rolec chargers)

    That's exactly what happens with mine, It starts its charge, stops the charge then doesn't wake back up. As an interim solution (rather than just calling EV energy again and messing around) I've just set the charger to dumb mode and just charge on the weekends when the electricity is cheaper for...
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    Android Auto

    You just need to plug it back in, now it's set up it's easier :) Basically plug it back in to the car, press the android auto button on the radio screen, done :)
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    Headlight bulbs

    HE-909 PIAA HB3 (9005) HYPER ARROS 3900K I bought these, I've not put them in yet, but they were recommended by KC Talks EV (He also goes in to a bit about colour temps on that video)
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    Infotainment Problem

    I get this a lot, as @Chrispydoc says, it always pops up around roadworks, I don't think you can turn it off :(
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    reset TPMS

    I was thinking the same to be honest, it seems like an awful lot of faff for something that should be fairly simple, on my old car I could pump the tyres up and reset the level with a few button presses.
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    Delayed charging not working

    Not a problem, Main dealer was AE Wilcox in Wickwar, I'm not saying they are "bad" they are actually really lovely, but they seem to be one of these places that hasn't kept up with the times so use of a computer to update a car seems VERY new to them. The better dealer was Thompson First LTD in...
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    reset TPMS

    The manual says "TPMS Self-learning The TPMS system is a 'self learning' system, after resetting tyre pressures it will be necessary to allow the system to go through a self learning process. This is done by driving the car, during this process the system is suspended and the data displayed may...
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    Delayed charging not working

    I had mine updated last Friday, I'm pretty sure the start of August update is SA0017, Unfortunately the dealer didn't make a list of any updates they had completed, however they did re-apply all of them for me, just to make sure they were done, as my other (Main) dealer had no clue.
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    Our first problem with meg

    Interestingly I had something very similar to that with the demo car when I went for the test drive 😂 as it was only a short round about drive I, probably unwisely, ignored it.. after about 2 mins down the road the warnings stopped, so it's making me think that it also could be 12v battery...
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    Have an expected date!

    Yes, that is a shame! to be honest in terms of miles it's only an additional 10 minutes for me to drive (21 mins to "main" dealer and 35 mins to Stroud according to Google Maps) so it is a no brainer for me to take it there in the future, in hindsight I wish I would have bought from them in the...
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    Have an expected date!

    Update! Took the car to the other local dealer, I had explained to them my situation and they asked if I would be willing to leave the car with them to be updated and they would check to make sure it's all correct. I arrived at 8:30am yesterday and I told them I'd hang around, I had a nice...
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    Does Android auto use much phone data ?

    As far as I'm aware it doesn't take much, if you can plan your route before hand at home, say on WiFi then the maps are usually preloaded, the only data use will be traffic updates etc. I'm pretty sure you can "preload" an area of map too, just in case you drive into a dead zone of signal.
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    Android Auto

    It's really handy for navigation as the google maps from within android auto can give live traffic etc as it uses mobile data to keep it up to date, plus it's always up to date :) Also you can use voice commands for calling/navigating Press the talk button on the steering wheel and can say...
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    How to update your MG ZS EV media system

    On that last picture, I think you can scroll down a little bit more and there is a button that would say "Update Navigation"? Sorry, I'm not around my car at the moment, But I think it's that screen, you'll need a USB stick and the Naviextras program.. I'm not sure what version you'd need however.
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    My new car

    Best colour tbh 😉
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