Is this the beginning of 'Rustgate' for the MG ZS EV?

Stuart Wright

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Nigel of The EV Puzzle has cancelled his order for the MG ZS EV for a number of reasons, but MG's handling of his legitimate concerns about rust and the MG warranty have been partly responsible for him cancelling his order.
I think MG need to address this issue quickly before more people get cold feet. What do you think?



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It's not limited to white cars, the Facebook group has pictures from an 18 month old red car rusting, even in areas covered by underseal. I believe posted by someone who had a ZS and was looking to get an EV.

It's not a great look just before a large product launch.


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I think there is more to what EV Puzzle was saying & posting to MG than he has let on. There are always 2 sides and we only have his very biased side.

Paul Longden

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Update: I waiting to hear from MG and I'm hoping for a definitive answer to the corrosion protection applied to the Chinese built MG ZS EV (Background research so far suggests that it might be a thin film zirconium treatment. This is a more environmentally friendly process of corrosion protection, but academic papers on the type of treatment don't appear to be overly conclusive, so perhaps that explains the 6 year corrosion warranty limit as thin film ziconium protection appears to be less proven than more traditional methods corrosion protection)
My MG salesperson told me the car was galvanised - ready to eat my hat if it is.
I'll post an update as soon as MG UK Headquarters respond...

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