MG dealer gone out of business in Epsom, whats the process to claim deposit money?


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Hi all, I paid £500/- deposit on exclusive model of MG ZS EV in august at MG dealership( Belmont Garage ) in Epsom. They issued me a receipt with details of car booked and breakdown of costs, etc. Dealership told me that within a week or so, i will receive order confirmation from MG itself with your order number, etc. I called dealer ( Belmont Garage, Epsom ) to let them know that i still have not received any communication from MG, but the calls went unanswered, i tried a few more days calling them !! but no joy. Then the alarm bells start to ring, i visited the dealership in person and to my surprise no one was there, place was deserted and notice was up saying due to unforeseen circumstances, they are closed. I contacted MG customer service at Marylebone road. They said they received a few calls from other customers as well regarding this. They asked me to wait until they find out what happened there!! Could someone please help me suggest my options here??? Will MG transfer my deposit to another dealership ? will they take responsibility of my deposit in first place? If not, what are my legal options?? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Will MG transfer my deposit to another dealership ?
They will have to.
I would call MG service again for clarification, but I don't think there is much reason to panic. Your car won't likely be delivered until the Spring, will it?

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