MG4 Hard Copy Owner's Manual

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+1 from me re. DPD if necessary.

(Still no email - no idea if you've tried again. Might be better to handle things here over DM if your email provider is having problems).
Good news people - the first batch of manuals has arrived from the printers :D
Just need to get the despatch sorted now, so all those that have ordered should get their manuals soon! I'll be in touch with each of you individually 👍

First batch being despatched tomorrow morning (Wednesday 7th December), so all those who were quick off the mark should have had an email from me by now.
If you haven't had an email, you're in the second batch which will be despatched one day later, so don't worry - I haven't forgotten you!
If you've ordered a manual and haven't heard from me by Thursday morning, please DM me!

I replied to your email with the same note, Bernie ... the account number is 2 digits short. :)
Thanks guys.

Apologies for the mix-up. Next time I'll get the wife to double check for me!
Mind you, I suppose I could blame fat fingers, over-tiredness, exhaustion, any number of things, but it was 100% not anything to do with whisky - honestly🤭.

All the first batch has now been despatched and the second batch will go out tomorrow morning.
Should anyone else be interested, I have around half a dozen manuals left that, if you're quick enough, could join the second batch :)

@MandyH No problems at all, I'll add you in :)

The manual works out at £8.95 plus p & p, although I'll have to wait until I receive the manuals later this week to weigh them and work out the p & p, but it's probably going to be around £2.50.

Can you DM me your name and postal address, along with an email address? As soon as the manuals arrive, I'll be in touch to arrange despatch, payment etc.
Good afternoon

If you feel that you can stretch to another batch, i would be eternally grateful to buy a copy from you. Waiting for my MG4 Trophy but would appreciate the read beforehand

Kind regards

Right, ok everyone, the second batch will be winging out to all those waiting on them tomorrow morning.
I have just four three two manuals left, so if you'd like an A5 printed manual for the MG4, let me know by DM (mouse over my avatar and hit "Start Conversation") and I'll reserve one for you!
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How much would it cost to Dublin? Hope to order car soon.
Well, because of the risk of Post Office strikes, I'm using Evri (Hermes that was) to send out the manuals and I've got a quote from them and I'm afraid its a bit expensive :(.
The manual is £8.95, but the p & p comes to £12.32!!!

However, if you are willing to wait, I can send it via Royal Mail for p & p of £6.25p, but I don't know how long it will take.
OK latest news, a mixture of good news and well, "meh" type news!

First the good news. I have now sold all three batches (30 manuals in total).

If another 10 people contact me, then I'll order another batch, but....(there's always a but) and here's the "meh" news, the price per manual is now £9.67 plus £3.07 p + p (£12.74 total).

Now the "D'oh!" news. The manuals should have been that price from the start, but I misread the original invoice. All my own fault and don't worry, I won't be chasing those already sold.

I would appreciate though, all those that have ordered but not yet paid, please do so whenever you can.
Also, can the people who I have reserved manuals for that haven't yet sent me their details please do so? I can't send you a manual if I don't know where you are :D

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