Rustgate? Does/Will this affect the ZS EV?

Stuart Wright

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If that happened to my 7.5 month old car, I would reject it as not fit for purpose and take MG to court if they didn't refund. I can't see how you'd lose a case like that. If common sense rules, that is.


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It's not stright forward to reject a car after it's 6 months old, Pre 6 months it's way easier. You have to reject the car with the finance company and if they fail to do it you then go off to the financial ombudsman to try and get it resolved but this can take anything from 6 months to a year.


Has anyone else owned the ZS for that long? Keen to try and understand if this is a one off or the norm.

I'm in Scotland, so if MG's view is that "it rains in the UK", up here with the regular salt on the roads and weather, this car would disintegrate if the underseal truly is that bad.

I was even thinking that if the underseal is bad, I could just pay to have it undersealed, but for a starter that'll be expensive, shouldn't have to with a brand new car, and it likely wouldn't protect all of the parts showing as rusting in that gallery.


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And a good compressor and an Oil gun type sprayer.....thinned down with WD40......done all my cars like for many years. I dont like ANY rust under my cars.
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That’s a cool garage. I’d love a two post lift like yours but I don’t have the height.


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Thanks Kev,

yes I love it too, as a youngster in the late 60's I spent many uncomfortable hours laid on my back on my mothers drive...I promised myself that when I could afford it, I'd have a proper garage. I spend a lot of time in there ...especially now. The lift only cost me £600 from a local Rover Dealership that closed down.
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A friend of mine got around the problem by chopping a hole in his roof!

Chris P
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Oh my goodness, thats shocking and hoping its a one off for all us owners, mostly lets wish that MG resolve immediately for the owner!



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It's been resolved, the finance company took it up and sorted it out for him. He's since had the car taken back and a full refund. MG however did not handle it well at all. Thankfully, having seen many other ZS EV's now along with inspecting my own carefully, I'm of the opinion it's not a systematic problem and we should generally be OK on the whole. There are some trivial potential issues I've noticed on mine, such as bolts that might rust up under the bonnet as they seem minimally plated and the like but next to nothing really.


I can imagine there will be a lot of owners on isolation who will be under their cars and bonet checking the situation out, just in case . Feeling that it may well be a one off situation as mentioned in other posts and great news that the owner is now fully refunded. Be interested to know if he is getting a new ZS EV ?


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I would rather doubt it somehow. My granddad had a saying:- "its better to keep a customer, than find a new one". I've always taken note of that. ......I wonder if MG have?
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